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News |  13 Dec 2020 17:21 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Harish Budhwani believes music is the best way to express feelings

MUMBAI: Software Engineer by luck, artist by choice, Harish Budhwani expresses how he got an inclination towards music and then followed his passion for music. 

 ‘Music is the best way to express your feeling," adds Harish further explaining what the future holds for him.

“I don’t have a musical background and it was by coincidence that one day, in my 11th grade, I was doing something and created a song out of nowhere”, says Harish Budhwani who has done 100+ solo gigs. 

In a further discussion, Harish opened up on his journey in the music industry, inspiration, takeaways, and much more.

When did you realize that you wanted to do music?

I realized my true passion for music in my college days when I really went crazy and told my family but they didn’t think I was prepared for it and later with time, and after college, I, too understood the reality because to everyone, on the surface, this looks like a very dreamy job later I realized and in a practical way, that no, it’s way deeper than it looks. After college, when I started working and also singing, my family was okay with it.

How did the journey begin?

2019 was a big highlight for me because before that I was in a band for 2-3 years, we used to sing Bollywood songs because then I used to think, ‘why would people listen to my music’ but then luckily or unluckily, some of my band members went aboard for further studies and jobs. So, after like 2-4 months of not performing, I decided to play my original song and that’s how it happened. I started performing in open mics and last year, motojojo’s founder was present at one of the motojojo’s events I performed in Pune and he really liked my songs,  then I started managing motojojo’s gatherings in Pune. The next time he heard me sing, he loved it and in a couple of months they started touring artists all over the country and asked me to do a tour and I did!

What was that point, or what was that song that made you believe that things are actually working for you?

So, even before that country tour, I hadn’t released any of my songs. I sang them in front of people who came to the gatherings. And during that tour, the reactions that I got, the messages and love that I received. People wanted me to release my songs ASAP and then I was like, yeah, people are listening to me and they will listen. Then I released, “Saari Umar”

You waited for 10 years to release your first song.

Yes, it’s been 10 years since I am writing songs and I have lots of songs by now and until last year it was all about performing them, getting the reactions. Now, I thought the time was right and I decided to go for it, you’ll be listening to me a lot more in the coming months. This year is about releasing my music.

What do you mostly write about or take the inspiration from?

In general, I have written songs about love, sadness, breakup, nature but mostly how people look at things, how we should not rush into things, live life day by day basis, how things would be if we were in a different world, what we feel. I have written about random things people can relate to, especially if you are a nature lover.

Do you think it’s a good time for artists to come up with their independent music?

Yes, even though Bollywood is doing its own thing, but we see solo artists doing much better at least from the previous time, especially in cities where people have all the access to Internet and music apps. People are trying new music, getting aware. There are more music festivals coming up and they are giving more platforms to individual Artists. I know artists who are getting a great response to their music and albums. But until last year, I didn’t think there’s much scope but now that I have to dwell on it, I believe it’s a good time. You see Prateek Kuhad, The local Train, Ankur Tiwari – they all started like this too but now we see them releasing something new every few months.