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News |  30 Nov 2020 13:10 |  By Tolika Yeptho

After 22 years Actor- Singer Ssumier Pasricha debuts with spiritual song ‘Teri Jyota Toh Balihari'

MUMBAI: Multitalented Ssumier Pasricha always wanted to be a singer but fate had other plans and he ended up as an actor, he finally released his first ever religious single “Teri Jyota Toh Balihari” after 22 years under T-Series.

This song has a special place, he wanted to record it 22 years back in 1998, he first sang for a music label but it was rejected. “The song was in my mind for a long time and now that I have some contacts, I thought why not make a debut on the same song”.

The Actor took a bold move for creating a religious song as his first release, “I wanted to do it with a good note and also because nothing can beat it when it comes to a spiritual song. It’s the best thing”. There’s a lot of competition between singers, singing Punjabi songs, rapping, remixing so he wanted to do something different.

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Talking about balancing his career with so much profession line up, he shared he had enough time to do everything in his life, he practises his dance on Saturdays and Sundays, acting only when he has projects, singing only when he has to or doing the rheas, then he has his business with cook every day. “It’s all about the priority of which one to come first”.

Every profession has its own plus points and drawbacks, “when it comes to comedy for the past 4 years, I have got good offers and so because of that people normally think I can’t do serious roles as my English has become more like a comedian”. Previously, when he wanted to do comedy nobody wanted him to do as they thought he wouldn't be able to handle it. “When it comes to music, there’s so much competition with more music labels and singers, everyday we have one music video coming. Not that I have become a full-fledged singer, I can only sing out of passion”.

The Indian Television and Film Actor is popularly portrayed in Shubroto in 'Code Red' (Indian TV series), Shailu in 'Sasural Simar Ka' on Colors (TV channel) and Randy Bhai in a Musical English play 'Mahim Junction', Produced & directed by Shekhar Kapur / Sohaila Kapoor, his creation 'Pammi Aunty' on social media has become a rage among the audience.

Further, when asking about his thoughts on continuing with releasing more songs in future “If I get good offers, definitely you’ll hear more but I would love to continue with it”. He is also working for another independent release for 2021.

“You have to be patient”, said Ssumier to the younger generation, as everything needs dedication and focus, there are no shortcuts.