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News |  17 Nov 2020 12:46 |  By RnMTeam

Saahil Bhargava's Breezy Debut Single, Wind is about making each moment count in this unpredictable world!

MUMBAI: LA-based composer, singer-songwriter Saahil Bhargava has been training in music for over 20 years, but in this lockdown, he's finally made the leap towards releasing his music.

The original debut song, ​Wind​ is the first from a 5 song EP and the song is the artist's take on ‘how it might feel to live your last day'. Talking about the song, Saahil says "The recurring wind motif comes from the fact that I love the wind.

The feeling of wind running through my fingers or passing through my hair is one of my favorite feelings in the world. In the song, the lyric, "​The wind will still blow on"​ is both uplifting and also very sad, because the guy is thinking, "The wind will keep blowing on with or without me".

Previously, Saahil released Plug in Baby, his interpretation of the legendary song by Muse, taken from their sophomore studio album, ​Origin of Symmetry​. The track garnered airplay at U.S Alternative stations such as KROQ Los Angeles, KNRK Portland, KWSS Phoenix as well as international plays at FluxFM Germany, 2XM Ireland and Radio Doble Nueve, Peru.

Saahil uses harmony and storytelling to touch upon themes that are socially relevant and universally relatable. Having lived in New York, London, Mumbai and now LA, the artist has grown up in diverse cultures which end up forming an important aspect to his music. Saahil enjoys telling stories through his music and exploring interesting concepts and emotions. All of his songs tend to be stories about characters going through emotional experiences or intense moments.

A gaming nerd, Saahil's inspiration from the song came from the videogame, ​The Last of Us​. The song, supported with a lyric video aptly captures the meaning of the song. Instead of fretting, the protagonist decides to go into the wilderness and enjoy the world as much as he can. Both the lyrics and the harmonic aspects of the song are meant to reflect this, as both transition from being happy, almost a little too happy, to being melancholy.