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News |  10 Nov 2020 18:47 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Rapper Big Deal: I felt I would fit in by being Shahrukh Khan

MUMBAI: Samir Mohanty, who is famously known as Rapper Big Deal, born in Puri and raised in Darjeeling, paid tribute to Shah Rukh on his birthday with a rap single "Shahrukh Khan Flow".

The rapper has been a huge fan of SRK. He shared he would dance and sing to many of his songs and want to be like him when he grew up. I had a difficult childhood where I was discriminated against and picked on for looking different. “Somehow, I felt like I would fit in and not be an outsider by being like SHAHRUKH KHAN because everyone loved SRK so much”. Hence, he wanted to dedicate a song to him and also speak about values that coincide between them for instance being yourself, hard work, perseverance, fun, etc. “I always start with the beat of the song and this particular beat I made spoke volumes and the words ‘Shahrukh Khan Walla Flow’ just flowed into it so naturally. The rest of the lyrics came together in a few hours and it felt just perfect”.

Shahrukh Khan flow music video reached 50k+ viewers in a day and surpassed 200k recently, expressing his excitement, “It's been crazy, to be honest. Other than the views on YouTube, the song has performed even better on the short video app ‘Josh’. There are over 200 fan-made videos of the song and dozens of really big influencers have also shown their moves on the song. I'm so grateful to have this immense support from the public. I'm really looking forward to releasing the second single of the album now”.

“What I loved about his success so much was that he felt like someone among us who made it out. He didn't have any relations in the industry to help him out, it was sheer will, perseverance, and skill. As I grew older and started watching his interviews, I realized how charismatic he really is. His interview with David Letterman is my favourite and David even goes on to say he's interviewed the biggest personalities around the world but SRK would have to be one of the best people he's ever done it with”, Big Deal said.

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The Bengaluru-based rapper previously released the album "One Kid Wth A Dream", featuring the Odia rap "Mu heli odia" and the viral hit "Are you Indian".

Further, talking about his future endeavours “I have a crazy, crazy song coming next that's gonna shake things up in the country and maybe around the world too. It's a collaboration with one of my favourite rappers in the country. That's all I can say for now”. Rapper Big Deal’s dream rapper collabs are Eminem, Kendrick, J Cole, Joyner.

A lot of Shahrukh fans expressed multiple reactions to the song. "One of my friend is a huge SRK fan and the first time he heard the song, he hugged me and said thank you. He says he has to listen to it at least once every day".