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News |  29 Oct 2020 17:42 |  By RnMTeam

Khatija Rahman calls for peace through her dream-like new single, 'Farishton' featuring a mesmerizing animated video

MUMBAI: Khatija Rahman has released “Farishton,” her latest single with a message of freedom and empowerment. Featuring production and compositions by music maestro A.R. Rahman, as well as lyrics by celebrated songwriter Munna Shaokath Ali (who penned iconic songs “Piya Haji Ali” from Fiza and “Zikr” from Bose), the track embodies art’s role to reflect and foster humanity. Accompanying the ballad’s release is an animated music video that charts a woman’s fantastical and adventurous pilgrimage across lands. Inspired by the pacifist and magical works of animation auteur Hayao Miyazaki, the evocative music video weaves a rich tapestry of science, magic and travel, portraying the diverse kaleidoscope of life on the planet while also promoting co-existence and peace. It is a story of independence, freedom and joy.

Watch the music video for “Farishton” here:

Set in a semi-fictional world, the music video for “Farishton” follows the fictitious character named Amal as she embarks on a pilgrimage of love. On her journey, she encounters people and creatures of different faiths and beliefs; beings both magical and conventional. Steeped in love and respect, the narrative charts a story of harmony, wonder, empathy and joy beyond fable and fiction, translating as both a parable for and a reflection of our times. As both adults and children can relate to and enjoy animation, Rahman chose to render her vision through the vibrant visual medium. Acclaimed artist Sam Madhu served as creative director for the project. The Tamil version of the song is titled “Farishtha” and penned by Mashook Rahman.

Says Khatija Rahman, “ ‘Farishton’ is about women’s empowerment and upliftment of women to me; a beautiful world I wish to see where human beings can survive in peace despite the differences.
This project was great because I get to sing this in various other languages.

This song has been the best song I’ve ever sung because I could feel the emotions in every word I sang. I hope all of you like it and experience your journey of the unknown and be the farishtha and touch peoples lives.”

A.R. Rahman says “Farishton” was a special collaboration:

“I always look for something special in a voice. After introducing hundreds of singers over the years and who enriched my songs, unfortunately, I failed to notice that there was a special voice right here in my family. It was my wife who opened my eyes to how uniquely gifted Khatija is! She has innocence in her voice and the way she emotes is beautiful.

As an artist, I am glad to have collaborated with her and I hope this song connects with all of you.”

The “Farishton” music video also breaks many a stereotype about women, portraying a world of freedom and choice, as well as the co-existence of science and faith. Executive produced by Raheema Rahman, “Farishton” is a young girl’s appeal for a healed world. Evoking the wonder and awe that’s only found in the heart of a child, the ballad is a meditative and mesmerizing invocation to all. With strings rendered by Chennai-based symphony collective Sunshine Orchestra, “Farishton” is a song of hope for an ideal Earth.