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News |  02 Oct 2020 11:48 |  By RnMTeam

Watch BLACKPINK reveal secret on their release; Jennie to get married first

MUMBAI: Blinks are gig about “The Album”

K-Pop girl band BLACKPINK showcases a glimpse of behind the scenes of their upcoming album titled “The Album” cover photoshoot.

Video-sharing platform, YouTube is giving music artists a new promotional vehicle to hype their latest releases with its latest original show Released.

The video platform promises a 16-episode series that will feature big-name artists every week. Each 15-minute episode, highlighting music moments from the prior week, will lead up to one exclusive video premiere on YouTube just before it's released at midnight ET.

Lisa answered the first question “Which member would sleep all day?”, she pointed at Jisoo. “Which member will eat Ice cream everyday?”, it was Jisoo again. “Which member would love to live with a cat or dog?”, she pointed at herself and laughed. “Which member will be the first to get married?”, it was Jennie (Blinks can now look forward to more exciting things)

Round Rosè “which member is afraid of heights?”, she didn’t hesitate and pointed at Jisoo. “Which member will be the first to cry during a movie?”, she pointed at herself and than pointed at Lisa. “Which member texts the most?”, it was Lisa again. “Which member is the best at playing video games?”, she pointed at Jisoo, so did Jisoo point at herself.

Round Jennie, “which member is known to be the most childish?”, she pointed at herself. “Which member is the most afraid of bugs?”, Jisoo. “Which member would go camping alone?”, Lisa she adds “I go camping alone, It’s quite sad”. “Which member would take the longest to get ready before the show?”, Rosè she also adds “I’m hurt”

It was Round Jisoo, “Which member would go sky diving?”, Rosè. “Which member would shave their head?”, she pointed at herself. “Who is the funniest?”, Lisa. “Which member can eat a burger the fastest”, Jisoo again.

Further, they also played a all rounder game, first question was “what’s your favourite song from your new album?”

To know more watch the full video here:

The debut episode premiered on Blackpink's official YouTube channel ahead of the release of their debut studio album (dubbed simply The Album).

In June, Blackpink premiered their single 'How You Like That', and the song took the number 1 spot as YouTube's Global Top Song of Summer and won the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards song of the summer. Their single 'Ice Cream' with Selena Gomez debuted in August at No. 1 on YouTube's global music videos chart.