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News |  28 Sep 2020 13:23 |  By RnMTeam

Young Independent musicians, Rahul Jain, Zaman Khan, Puneet Dixit, and Bismil express their love for the veteran singer, Lata Mangeshkar

MUMBAI: 28th of September was  the birthday of our very own , Lata Mangeshkar ji’s birthday. The one who has been mesmerizing us all with her euphonic voice since forever and has her name written on some of the most loved songs of Indian cinema. On that very day, Indie musicians have expressed their heart out.

Check below.

Rahul Jain:

I really want to wish Lata Mangeshkar Ji a very Happy Birthday. I think she is an inspiration. Her professional singing span has been an inspiration. She has sung so many songs of varied genres. I think she is really special.

The favorite song is I think "Lag ja Gale" and "Ek Pyaar ka nagma". I love all her songs, but I think these two songs are really special.

She has delivered her voice in all kinds of possible genres with such perfection. Every other old song used to be in her voice that is really exceptional as even with so many singers, we have heard her voice in every genre possible. I think that is something commendable, and she is still singing. I heard that she recorded something recently, and this really inspires me that she has sung in the industry for such a long time. Plus, her riyaaz and perfection are so strong that there is no genre left for her to try, and this really inspires me.

Puneet Dixit:

Wish you a very very Happy Birthday mam. For us, you are really Saraswati and you are that era of music that has given a new perspective to all of us about music. We all have always admired you and you are an inspiration to all of us.

My favorite song of Lata Ji is "Leja Leja sandesha mere yaar ka" , "Chitthiye", and "Lag ja Gale" of course, it's everyone's favorite.

She has always inspired us to be grounded just like her no matter how big you become.  She is super sweet and it always feels too good to hear her. And she is an amazing singer and a wonderful person too, and she inspires us for the same.

Zaman Khan:

 Well, Lata Ji isn’t just a singer, she's an institution of music, one can learn so many styles of singing, just by listening to hear songs, and I’m going to wish her by singing one of her songs, and I’m also planning to do an Instagram live with just her playlist.

It’s that one song that I can humm any time, and that’s “Lag ja gale” what a beautiful song that is.

As I said before, Lata ji is an institution, her every song will end up teaching you something, but what inspires me the most is the way she takes such difficult “variations” and “harkats” so effortlessly, and that’s what adds life to every song that she’s sung.


She is the living form of Saraswati maa for artists like us and this world is blessed to have her.

I wish her good health and happiness.

A very happy Birthday to Lata ji.

She's an inspiration for millions, and my biggest wish is to meet Lata ji.

One thing that I always admire about her is the thehraav in her singing, which inspires me a lot. The way she sings with calmness and ease is simply amazing. I've been following her ardently to learn this skill and a host of others.

She’s the queen of the music world !!