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News |  24 Sep 2020 15:09 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Rapper Maddy's inclination has always been towards music

MUMBAI: Actor, dancer-Rapper Maddy who has a whole package of talents, with a true sense equipped with tremendous styles and a passion to serve the best in music. His inclination was always towards music and with that he got some right people to guide and nailed the opportunities coming on his way.

Multilingual Maddy can rap in 5 languages Hindi, English, Punjabi, Portuguese and Spanish and sing in Hindi, English and Punjabi. The TV host is celebrating the success and is happy for projects to come. Growing a year older this September he shares his birthday plans during an exclusive interview with, “I guess it's probably going to a temple in the morning, and at the end of the day with a couple of friends and music because of COVID. Unlike other years It's not much of a change, people think that we artists throw lavish parties usually, that’s true, not denying but then there are some folks like me who do get together or dinners or keep looking for doing something different something noble and something kind”.

He is looking for shows, character roles which fit him or he fits them. He doesn’t think exploring would be a right terminology as “when you do a show you live a character, so you don't explore shows you live them”.

“Bien, Como Estas. Salut mon nom Est Maddy (Well, how are you. Hello my name is Maddy)”, said Maddy. “I love learning languages and I am a curious person from the soul. Can't say much about others but I’m constantly learning something or the other during lockdown or before that”. The rapper learnt some languages and some instruments and hopes when COVID gets over quickly. He also revealed that he has finished his album and soon to finish learning a form of mixed martial art.

Sharing his memorable moments, he made through in his journey as a Rapper, Maddy mentioned that one of his producers once said “Maddy the journey is you; you make it bitter or sweet”. So memorable moments are those small moments which make others happy and every one memorable moment tops others. He is blessed that he has many memorable moments to which it is difficult to share one.

Currently the artist Rapper Maddy is on two Indian tv shows Disney's Yeh hai aashiqui and MTV Splitsvilla.