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News |  23 Sep 2020 15:42 |  By RnMTeam

MojoJojo launches 'Sone De'; his version of a therapeutic getaway during the lockdown

MUMBAI: After the tremendous success of Duniya, the award-winning artist has dropped the track which was borne out of his own insomnia during the lockdown, to ease collective anxieties people might have felt.

Award-winning composer/producer MojoJojo, has launched his second track from ‘AndarRated’ - called Sone De, a song that MojoJojo wrote during the peak of the lockdown in April. It reflects upon the Insomnia the artist developed as a result of the initial anxiety he felt because of the loss of opportunity due to the lockdown. Channeling those emotions into his creative process led him to create this very personal, intimate, and laid-back track that transports the listener into a dreamlike place.

Matched with an equally whimsical music video, ‘Sone De’ is an experience that serves to calm the listener and provide a momentary get away from the anxieties they might be feeling as well as a result of similar circumstances.

Speaking about launching Sone De after the success of Duniya, MojoJojo said, “Sone De is different from Duniya and has a completely different vibe. It is a composition that I wrote when I was most vulnerable and uncertain but I also hope the song gives a sense of comfort to the listeners and keeps them company during those late night solo listening sessions. Sone De is a gift to all listeners and fans who may be looking for an occasional pick-me-up during their day to day conundrums.”

The song is the result of a team-up with vocal powerhouses Akshay Oberoi and Tyesha Kohli, (who featured on his previous tracks, 'Akela' and 'Sapne', respectively) and blends Lo-Fi, Pop and Indian Folk, in a manner which is now distinctly MojoJojo's signature and is instantly recognizable amongst listeners. Sone De has been trending on several charts across platforms like Spotify and Apple Music shortly after its release.

Andar-rated aims to cater to a wide spectrum of listeners with a total of 9 tracks that will be released as a part of this album. While each track has a different vibe, it still maintains MojoJojo’s distinct style of Indian arrangements with a desi bass grain. This album is a representation of the past 12 years of his journey. A firm believer of paving one's own path, he believes that one’s inner voice should be their true source of strength. This is a token to MojoJojo’s fans and listeners that instead of waiting around for external validation, one must accept their inner voice as their north star.