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News |  22 Sep 2020 14:11 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Sunny M.R. says do not repeat the mistakes, move onto making a new one

MUMBAI: An Indian composer, music producer-playback singer Sunny M.R. who is best known for his unique taste in sound and music. He recently dropped a new 5th independent release since lockdown “Panchhi”.

“I always feel that we should live in hope. In ‘Panchhi’ the bird is the hope. It's basically a story that traverses across ages, times, lingers in lush green scenery of hope and cycles around across good and bad times, all like one”, Sunny shared.

Sharing his experience on the new normal system of performing and recording, Sunny said recording artists and musicians have always been used to isolation. Most of the musician friends he knows have a home setup and they are living the normal life minus going for studio sessions. “But performing in front of an audience is being missed”.

Watch here:

The singer performs as well as directs, does the music production and FOH Mix for Arijit Singh Live. He misses being there in front of the large audience and humming along with them. “The beauty of the chaos, being perfect, and sounding good is largely missed”. He also wishes and hopes things will be back soon. “Not that fond of the virtual world of performances yet. Performing together in front of an audience is life! I miss travelling as well”, he adds.

The music producer is lucky to be at home with his life partner and three beautiful kids (All of them have paws). He also delves into his life at home during lockdown by learning new things, with music and technology, “the idea of unsung verses was born during this lockdown”. Musicians make music constantly, they write down/record ideas and leave it behind to move onto a new one thinking they will finish it later. With unsung verses, he started writing what he felt and only one verse of it, finishing the track and releasing it so that he doesn’t just keep them with him forever. He is also one of the heads in TM Music where they are bringing music from upcoming Indie artists.

Being in the music industry for around 20 years, words of wisdom to the younger upcoming musicians, “Do not be scared of failing. If you are not making mistakes, you are not trying enough or anything new! Don't repeat the mistakes, move onto making a new one. Help people around you in learning at the same time don't hesitate to ask for help. Keep learning”.
Further boasting his achievements recently he has been awarded for Best Song Producer- Programming and arranging for ‘Ghar More Pardesià from Kolank. He is also acknowledged by multiple Bollywood and Tollywood awards and nominations. Sunny also curates for ‘All About Music’ and ‘Bollywood Music Project’ and is one of the heads in recently launched TM Music Label.

The composer concludes by saying that there are many projects lined up in Unsung Verses. He plans to release around 16-18 songs within the year from the date of the inception. He is also composing for 4 Telugu films due for release next year, some ads and scoring web series. He will also be working on Ludo, Brahmastra for Pritam da.

Stay Tuned!