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News |  14 Sep 2020 18:02 |  By RnMTeam

Amid Covid pandemic, online Music Festivals are here to entertain you!

MUMBAI: Even when COVID-19 has temporarily halted our daily activities, the culture of online music festivals has thrived on the contrary, providing us with some entertainment value.

Streaming live concerts on the web hasn't been easier. With a few clicks, one can tune in and participate in an array of music festivals, be it classic, jazz, opera, rock or R&B. Social media platforms – Instagram, YouTube and Facebook – have played an instrumental role in reaching out to mass crowds from around the world.

Musical festivals such as Radiohead, Low Cut Conie, Jessie and Joy, the Toronto Summer Music Festival, the 10th Annual Atlanta Hip Hop Day Virtual Broadcast are all held through online and the online Darlo Drum Festival, are all contributing their part in promoting the core essence of performing arts, but more importantly are providing entertainment junkies with a wide range of music genres to savor. A powerful blend of audiovisuals combined with technology gives the listeners an incentive to relish music like never before.

Online music festivals offer participants the opportunity to experience live performances from home without requiring them to make an effort to go out, which makes a good way for starter .This saves time and no streaming opportunity is missed. Many festivals even offer some amazing discounts and packages that allow individuals, their families and friends to experience virtual music festivals. Some are even free concerts to tune into. This way, people can engage and interact with one another without feeling left out.

Perhaps the most significant factor to consider is how online concerts and music festivals maintain social distancing in a time of a global pandemic. It isn't safe to partake in events that are in a physical setting, at least for now. In that vein, online music festivals offer an escape from the mental exhaustion that COVID-19 has caused us all.

Online film festivals have proven successful in recent months. In Asia, one of the biggest virtual gigs – the Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) and Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) have taken the initiative to keep people thoroughly entertained. If it weren't for these initiatives, people would have suffered more than ever. We saw some known festivals in the music business shift online this year; The Big Band and The Coming One: Super Band.

The Hangout Music Festival, Gatherings of the Juggalos, Dreamville Festival and Boston Calling Music Festival among others were completely cancelled especially in the United States.On top of social media's power to attract millions, the fad of online music festivals has turned out to be a triumph as well. Though the music business continues to face a major blow, the organizers of these musical events are making concerted efforts to get their businesses back in action.

As we continue to navigate through this pandemic, we should realize the due importance of not losing hope. Online music festivals may not be generating as much revenue but their businesses are still afloat. This effort will help the music industry pull through a global crisis smoothly if the trend of virtual music festivals keeps its pace in the coming months. Perhaps the biggest challenge to grapple is for the music industry to recover from the financial loss in a post-pandemic scenario

Music producers and all other creative people need to band together in a time of COVID-19, and make use of social media to make their mark globally.

Had we been living in the 1980s or the early 1990s without the presence of social media, the story would have been different.

Thankfully, digital media is here to help us get through a challenging year with bustling virtual music festivals.