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News |  08 Sep 2020 17:30 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Akhil Sachdeva: Music is my life, that is what I breathe in

MUMBAI: Indian musician, singer-composer Akhil Sachdeva who recently added another super hit song on his list “Galliyaan”, will not only steal your heart with his charisma and music but will make you keep on asking for more.

The “Sun Mere Humsafar” singer doesn’t take singing as a task but as an intuition that gets in one's mind and heart at a particular moment and that is when he makes music, whether it is singing or composition. He goes by his natural instinct and that is when the best of him appears. He tries to be true to himself, to be true to his music.

Further the artist challenges himself for making different types of music. It’s always soulful music though but the only challenge is to maintain HIS individuality. He doesn’t follow trends, instead listens to his heart. The singer gives priority to every aspect be it composition or lyrics and then makes himself a part of the production and lives the whole journey of making a song.

Boasting a success streak with his song “Tera Ban Jaunga” which has also won a lot of accolades, the singer shared a memory of the recording, “when Tulsi was introduced to the song the only thing I told her was to feel the song and baaki sab ‘Rabb Raakha’”. He believes in destiny and is looking forward to another collaboration with Tulsi Kumar.

Nepotism is the topic in the air, and is absolutely everywhere in every industry. Commenting on the same, “But the actual fun of being from nowhere and making it to somewhere big and achieving a place in someone’s heart after all the hustle and hard work, that’s called a Winner. So, I will always ask for the journey only. And will always try to make the best of it”.

When he becomes a parent, if his children want to pursue music, he shared that he would also want to leave enough for his children so that they can be proud of him. Everyone would want the same but if one does not have talent, nothing works out at the end.

While the whole world is battling the spread of the highly infectious novel coronavirus, the composer is also soldiering at home by making a lot of melodies and writings. There is a natural process of his system, so now he has taken a break from making any new melody from the past one month. And is only focusing on “Galiyaan” and making studio versions of his own songs and the legendary hit melodies under his property #AAS (Acoustics by Akhil Sachdeva). “Music is my life, that is what I breathe in. I don’t take stress, I believe that god must have taken away something from us during this lockdown but if we stay focused, if we stay calm for whatever reason, he will give us the double and triple”.

The “Nain Na Jodeen” singer was determined that it won’t be right for him as an artist to choose collaborations as that would mean demeaning the art of rest of the artists as every individual has some speciality which only belongs to that one person. But since god has given him this chance to compose for people, he has the liberty and advantage of picking up voices which would be suitable for a particular kind of a song. So that is where he gets to make a choice. But otherwise, he always loves to work with any artist who works with all his or her passion and he’d like to work with everyone.

Akhil concluded by quoting, “Just like how you can silent down a lion for a while, but not kill him. He will always bounce back”.