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News |  28 Aug 2020 13:54 |  By RnMTeam

5 facts you should know about K-Pop group BLACKPINK!

MUMBAI: BLACKPINK, a popular South Korean Girl group formed by YG Entertainment has been rising in prominence since 2016. Consisting of Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa, the group has achieved humongous limelight over the years. But we bet you that you wouldn't know these major facts about BLACKPINK that we have shared below.

Lets count down the list of the facts. If you know some more facts, do let us know in the comments section.

1.The meaning of the name BLACKPINK.

The meaning of the name”BLACKPINK“ its always fun to find out the meaning behind a groups name even if you are not necessarily a big fan.The Name ‘BLACKPINK’means little more than the combination of two colors that look good together but there is actually a deeper meaning to the color choice in 2016.YG Entertainment revealed that the reason black pink was chosen to dismantle the idea that the color pink is only used to portray prettiness or cuteness with this new group of girls they wanted to show that pink just doesn’t mean pretty but also incredible talent and hard work.

2.Jisoo is Crazy for Pikachu.

Jisoo is a huge fan she reportedly has several pieces of merchandise of Pikachu with the character and has even one some imitation and a few variety show which we have to say as adorable as a little pokemon itself.

3.Lisa always blew the competition.

Every member of “BLACKPINK” is eye-catching and amazing in their own way but there is little doubt as to why Lisa is one of the more popular girls,the Thai artist badass style and hardcore raps keep us wanting more with each and every comeback.She once Auditioned for YG in Thailand in 2010 she not only won first place but also beat out all of the competition she ended up being the only candidate selected by the label at the well as the first non Korean artist to work at YG.

4.The Secret Fifth Member.

Did you know that “BLACKPINK” was originally to have nine members yep just as they were getting ready to debut back in 2016 YG Jung Hyung Sook decided to scale the group back to just the four-member we know and love interesting enough one of those cut trainees was none other than (G)I-DLE Miyeon.No one really knows why she was cut through rumors suggest that it was because she broke the no dating rule while on a trip to Japan we might never know for sure but thankfully Miyeon had her own successful debut as part of (G)I-DLE.

5.They have Devoted Fans.

BLACKPINK has their own devoted fans its that their various fan bases are some of the most dedicated fans we have ever seen each group even the rookie one has a fan base they name and interact with BTS has their army, BLACKPINK has Blinks a clever combination of black and pink, Blinks are responsible for continually helping the girl group break records especially on YouTube.