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News |  13 Aug 2020 15:30 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Raveena Mehta drops a powerful ballad 'Jab Tu hai Wahi'; a track that speaks about strength and passion

MUMBAI: Singer Raveena Mehta dropped a futuristic-fusion track with a powerful ballad “Jab Tu hai Wahi” that will pluck at the heartstrings of all those who have felt love. It was produced by Rishi Rich and Kiranee and written beautifully by Yung Dhanani, Kiranee & Rishi Rich.

Commenting on the track, “’Jab Tu Hai Wahi’ is a powerful ballad about reminiscence and a very powerful female-led track. It showcases strength and passion however also amplifies the importance of vulnerability and emotion. With its enthralling beats, this song ultimately takes you on an emotional journey; this is what makes it very special”.

Watch here:

Raveena shared that Rishi created the vibe in his studio and once he had a solid framework/structure he sent it across to her after-which she recorded the vocals at home. Inspiration for this record in terms of the music and visuals stems from a lot of the 90s and early 2000s RnB icons such as Aaliyah, Rihanna and Cassie etc.

The singer started singing from a very young age, 8-years-old while she was still living in Belgium. She moved to India in 2010, her family supported her to continue to pursue music and launch her debut album “From Deep Within”. Starting music so young, “I learned a lot about discipline, there would be times where I would spend 13 hours in the studio post-school at age 12 to make sure I delivered the correct vocals. It was challenging of course but when you are privileged enough to garner these experiences, the challenge is just exciting and leads to personal progress/evolvement”.

Boasting a success streak with her songs, she has released two albums, six singles and 15 music videos primarily in the R&B/soul genre, as well as music incorporating Hindi and Urdu dialects. From “Deep Within” is a collection of 13 songs, which were aired on leading international music channels such as Vh1, SS Music, Zee Trendz.

The pop star is also spending her time working on new music. “It has been a wonderful opportunity to work on bettering my skills”. She appreciates working toward improving skills and it has been nice to have had the time to work on her songwriting as well as delving into different musical vibes to gain a better understanding of her own musical artistry.

The year-old has a few upcoming records which she’s hoping to release before 2020 ends. She further said, “This year, musically has been enlightening and I have definitely learned a lot having released three singles”. She looks forward to bringing more music and bringing forth a fresh RnM vibe within Indian contemporary music.