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News |  07 Aug 2020 16:50 |  By RnMTeam

Toronto-based Tamil rapper SVDP releases powerful new single 'One Hundred Thousand Flowers'

MUMBAI: Known to many for his razor-sharp songwriting, skilled rapping skills and strong visual aesthetic, SVDP has been at the forefront of the global South Asian arts renaissance in Canada and his latest single is possibly his most powerful work to date.

Holding no punches, the song addresses the Tamil genocide carried out by the Sri Lankan government, especially during the 26-year-long civil war that tore the country apart.

Produced by fellow Toronto artists Yanchan and La+ch, the song puts SVDP’s lyricism on full display while touching on themes of resilience, accountability, and identity. The production moves from haunting strings, mridangam, and trap drums to gradually exploding into a full-blown punk anthem.

You can watch the video here:

“This is easily the most important song of my life… I feel like I spent my life mastering my craft just so I can write something like this,” says the Jaffna-born rapper and director. “Our community still has so much healing to do and still dealing with the aftermath of the war. There has been no justice or accountability for the genocide carried out against the Tamil people in Sri Lanka. This song was a way for me to channel the frustration and anger of feeling ignored as a people, and hopefully raise awareness to what happened in Sri Lanka,” he adds.

Born in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, Shan and his family fled the country due to the civil war and arrived in Canada as refugees. His music forces listeners to ask themselves tough questions tied to fame, popular culture, identity, and humanity itself.

The song will serve as the centrepiece to Shan’s upcoming Made in Jaffna LP.