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News |  25 Jul 2020 17:22 |  By RnMTeam

'Chill At Least' Iconyk's new single is an ode to modern-day relationships

MUMBAI: The single is a slow-burn pop-rap meets R&B offering by Iconyk & UpsideDown, which deals with modern-day relationships that revolve around a bout or two of ‘Chill At Least’.

The track was conceived from the ‘bedroom-loneliness’ experienced by an individual during the lockdown. The keyboard plucks, subtle-bass work and pulse fastening drums, according to the producer, could ‘surely accentuate certain kinds of chill vibes’. This track aims to cut through a wave full of trap beats and emo rap, with a refreshing blend of modern romanticism, simplicity, and Urban Dictionary-savvy hooks. Click here to stream Chill At Least

Nikhil elaborates on the plot, "When I started working on this track in 2018, I was working on a futuristic theme which was about two robots falling in love, only to realise that relationships these days have become robotic in many ways. The song subtly explores the era of less love and more chill… Sounds familiar? An era where love doesn't exist anymore and it's mostly about having a good time and living in the present aka chill. I want to embrace that. Instead of asking why love doesn't exist, why not enjoy the present and live in the moment? That's the central theme of the track."

In fact, that leap to the future is almost the very basis of Iconyk's current avataar. Nikhil calls it his 'Ironman' suit that leaps into the future and brings those melodies into the present, for everyone to enjoy. Think of it like a mask that helps me express my art without being judged. In the global scenario, not many Indian musicians have received praise for creating mainstream International music. This is my announcement to the world, I'm here to give ya'll a tough competition. Also, my previous avatars lead me to this path of self-discovery where I've realised I just have a knack for good music, genres don't matter, says the former rocker."