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News |  21 Jul 2020 18:04 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Arian Romal shares story behind upcoming song 'In the Club' with T-series

MUMBAI: Singer Arian Romal is soon to release his first Indian track “In the Club” with a mix of American trap, Punjabi and Hindi giving the listeners a new Sound of Party and Club which he created as Bollytrap

“As the lyrics go ‘The King is in the Club’ making it prominent the entry that the King has arrived with the new ‘Sound’”, he adds.

The song “In the Club” was actually created around 5 years ago which was an English song originally. It was presented to a few big names and companies in the Music industry and everyone who heard it wanted the song. The singer also received some amazing offers then and decided to go ahead with T-Series due to multiple recommendations, since T-Series is the biggest and the best company in India who would manage the song well and publicize it big as the song rightfully deserves.

“I went ahead with them and since then my song got stuck in a way that neither they were releasing nor allowing me to release the song, which is a whole different story in itself”, expressed Arian.

The singer never gave up on “In the Club” even with all the issues/fights he had to go through, “The track is special and one the best tracks which I have made till date in many ways as the whole process of making it has loads of memories with the excitement and thrill of it being my first Indian track for my home country. But the entire reason behind not giving up was the justice and rights of being a Talent and not being treated fairly which made me fight for it. The idea of it is having the ability to create art freely without thinking or worrying about the politics or pressure of the Big Companies and Name”.

“The change has to begin from somewhere”.

When asked to share his point of view regarding Nepotism in the music industry, he replied, “I don’t think Nepotism is the right word, as in the Music industry the bigger issue is Monopoly and Groupism and of course Nepotism is prevalent but in a very minute way. Even if you’re an outsider and talented you do get an opportunity but there are some companies and people who want to control the whole market and business. Due to which, we as an Artist lose out on a lot of different levels be it personal, emotional and respect/dignity too”.

He shared that he was a victim of monopoly, where he wasn’t allowed to work, perform or release anything and on the other hand they did not do anything too. He was literally stuck and forced to sit at home with no means to earn my basic income and manage my expenses, which made him leave India and go back to his home.

Further, Arian concluded with two powerful messages to the society and to all the news platforms, “Don’t judge an artist by the label, company or logo behind it. Judge them purely by their work and quality which they present and stand with”.

“Appreciate, talk and give way to new talents too, not just the already famous and big. I have come across so many artists who are very talented but did not get the right opportunity or work forcing them to survive bare minimum, at times even leaving their talents due to it. As no one is willing to speak about them and appreciate their success and milestones”, he concluded.