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News |  26 Jun 2020 14:00 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Sasi the Don embarks upon 'Daddy Don', song for Father’s Day Anthem

MUMBAI: Malaysian-Tamil artist and producer Sasi the Don is known for his reggae beats, he released his latest single “Daddy Don” which gives an insight onto a father- daughter relationship that he shares with his daughter- Shanaiya Laxmi

“Daddy Don” also features Nigerian singer, Ibkinx and Gayathri Vadivel crooning the female vocals and was produced by Sasi himself along with local producer, Navin D’Navigator.

“Daddy Don” is a very important song to the singer. “It's my responsibility, it's my job to make sure that I get this song across to the world, because that's what music is all about. I feel that this song is going to mean something for a very long time in my life and also to my daughter”

Watch here:

The artist’s daughter was featured in the music video of “Daddy Don”, “She knows I've been working on this song for a long time. And she's been a part of the process. The funny part is once she asked me, ‘Daddy, is the song not out yet?’”

“It’s just not about the song itself, but it's about the process of making and coming up with it. The people that I worked on with it, preparing and shooting the video during the lockdown was all challenging.” His director-editor Schenn has been really amazing with his work, they worked using Zoom.

Seeing the fathers and single mother around him. He notices all these people and he feels they all have something in common, in every way, emotion, love, security and care. Single parents go through tough times. They play the role of both a father and mother which is challenging. Sometimes the world is unfair, he feels that a father figure is so important.

He dedicates this song to fathers, single mothers and widows of our world. It's a song about celebrating love every day. Working on the track day and night for a year with the help of his producer Navin, the chorus was finally completed. Sasi, who himself is Dad to a six-year-old, credits her as his inspiration as well.

“I believe it's quite a common practice, I do it all by myself. All reggae artists in the world do it themselves, lyrics are very important to hip hop and reggae artists. Nobody can write for us, but people can share ideas. I've got the QC, the quality control, I'm making sure that the right thing is said, the right emotion is felt, the melodies are acceptable for. Anyone can complete a song but if all these elements don't fall in place, you're not gonna have a good song”.

Sasi has a unique style of music of Asian dancehall, just like the Jamaican dancehall genre. He put a lot of fusion into his sounds, because he believes that that's what makes him unique, “I don't want a Jamaican listener to say, hey, why is this guy copying what we do? that is what inspired me”. He’s always on his journey of preaching his music to a global audience, and he doesn't see his music as it has to be stereotyped for a certain community or certain race or certain background”.

The singer has sold his music in Japan and his music is played in clubs in many parts of the world, “I'm proud of that because it's interesting to see how far your music travels”.

“Sharing this whole journey with India and the people who have been writing about it, the platforms, the media. It's just been so encouraging, it inspires me to do more songs and keep this going”.

Sasi hinted that he is going to release a new album this year on his birthday which is on November 11.