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News |  23 Jun 2020 13:53 |  By Tolika Yeptho

"Duhai" simply means spreading love and positivity: Star Boy LOC

MUMBAI: Singer/lyricist/rapper Star Boy LOC has released a peppy number “Duhai” which can make people of any age group groove on its music as well as the lyrics.

“Duhai” music has been composed by G Skillz featuring the gorgeous Aayesha Mulla.

In Hindi “Duhai” means 'tauba tauba'. The singer shared that the whole song consists of praising the girl in a way that she feels special. The entire rap of the song talks about passion, style, fashion & trend which creates a buzzy vibe.

“For the music lovers Duhai simple means spreading love & positivity”.

Watch here:

He adds, “G Skillz and I were in the studio when suddenly he made me listen to a crazy music patch from which I got this idea of making ‘Duhai’. I usually write lyrics after listening to the music patches”.

Star Boy LOC voiced the song as well as composed the lyrics. The singer reveals that his mind starts operating whenever he writes the lyrics so as to combine the lyrics with its composition. The slangs which he has used in this song are such that he knows it won’t look good on anyone else except Honey Singh bhai.

Further, there are few songs which he has written and he knows that he can’t justify those songs so for that he usually reaches out to his friends from the industry whom he thinks can justify his lyrics. “Music of my songs is mostly done by my very dear friend G Skillz. And to add some few are Suyyash Rai, Dilbagh Singh, The Landers, Mankirt Aulakh, Raftaar, Millind Gaba, Prince Narula and so on”, said Star Boy LOC.

The singer is known for his hit songs like “Dilli se hu BC”, “Dilli se hu BC2”, “Bob Marley”, “Fire”. His song “Aong Dilli Se hu BC part 1” has crossed 100 Million mark all across YouTube.

“The manner in which I write lyrics is freestyle and desi. I just write the lyrics noticing what all is going around me, I love to use the common slangs be it of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore or whichever city or country I am in, I Just grab the words and pen it down so that I can use it in my songs”, shared the singer describing his style of song lyrics.

The singer has written a few songs which have female versions in it so that he is open to collaborate with Aastha Gill, Akasa or anyone from the music industry whom he thinks can suit the song best.

The “Dilli se hu BC” singer confirms that he will definitely release one album which will have all types of genre be it party number or a sad song. The album will be such that it can catter all the age groups. As he believes in spreading happiness through his songs.