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News |  04 Jun 2020 16:58 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Sugarzzz thanks COVID-19 time for giving her a swift opportunity to reflect and realize

MUMBAI: Singer-songwritter Sweta Bhatt Zalpuri aka Sugarzzz who was honoured for Best Singer for "Bhula Diya" in Gujarati Cinelife Awards has added another feather into her bag “Sard Tera Shehar”

“Sard Tera Shehar” is a heartbreak song. She said it is a haunting melody that is meant to be meaningful and authentic. Although it was shot quite a few months back, it was meandering on the editing table. With so much emotion flying around in the world and so many people stuck, away from loved ones, not able to see them, meet them, she got deeply involved with the feelings of the song.

“As a songwriter, you put words that are the soul of the song as you play around with the lyric’s minutes to hours, days to months, to sometimes even years” expressed the singer justifying the song. “We create its body by singing and composing so that the song finds its semblance and true meaning. That’s what I believe and people might think otherwise”.

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“Our relationships see different aspects at different stages, especially in troubled times. That feeling deepens when our loved ones are far away and/or not in reach, whatever the reason might be. ‘Sard Tera Shehar’ portrays the nature of our heart being cold and empty without them and that if the underlying love is strong, we end up looking for them every morning, night after night. If you can sense this vulnerability and frustration that is bravely synthesized in its composition, then I would say it is a song you will hear again and again” Sweta Bhatt adds.

Something inside me urged to complete it, for me and the world. Sugarzzz thank COVID-19 time for giving her a swift opportunity to reflect and realize so that she could successfully put-forth “Sard Tera Shehar”. It transitioned from just a deep, dark heartbreak song to also being an after-lockdown song. It is an ode to all those who painfully miss their loved ones, at one point or another, and resonates with anyone who has craved for that one morning they could be with them.

Shweta being a music multitasker said one has to be versatile and being it costs a lot of your time and energy. Learning everything, the smallest bits. There is no textbook that will tell you that use A, B, or C ingredients or a mix of them and that your music will be a hit?! So you have to keep innovating, keep enhancing your skills, and meanwhile also making sure that your song has no resemblance to any other track.

“I am an emotional person and that’s what I put out in all my songs. A highlight of the track is the catchy opening and meaningful lyrics”.

At some point, in our lives we are all away from our loved ones whether it be a lover, family, or a friend where we crave for that morning to meet them. “Amid the pandemic, it has proved to us that we all crave them at the most troubling times” she adds.

“I’m coming up with some more soulful which includes ‘ADAT BURI’”. Adding more spice to it, she unveils the story line of the upcoming song, another heartbreak song beautifully drawn in a few words. While there is a commercial rap lined up which is a very sassy, sarcastic, girly song with a message to boys around the world, another is a commercial foot-tapping number that has come out to be a very flirty song.

Stay tuned!