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News |  22 May 2020 18:40 |  By RnMTeam

Celebrity Gossip: Prince Philip, Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks and More!

It’s time to look at some Celebrity Gossip!

Prince Phillip has chosen to issue a statement on the Coronavirus pandemic. The 98-year-old sent out a rare statement saying how important it is to follow guidelines with the current pandemic. He said that he wants to recognise the vital work that is being done right now and he also wants to make sure that people are staying at home. He knows how united the world is right now in making sure that the pandemic doesn’t go much further than it has done and that he also wants to give his thanks to the healthcare service.



Brad Pitt is Now a Weather Reporter

Brad Pitt is now reporting the weather. The celebrity once loved to gamble and he is even known for visiting online casinos, like the casino Netbet. Now however, he is a weather reporter! He made a surprise appearance on an episode of Some Good News and he chose to report the weather.

Tom Hanks comments on his Wife

Tom Hanks has also reported that his wife had the coronavirus much worse than him. He chose to make a statement that hit quite hard to home and he told the National Defence Radio broadcast that he felt absolutely exhausted after just 12 minutes of exercise. He laid down on the hospital bed and just needed to sleep. He told a medical professional that he tried to do some basic stretches but couldn’t even make it halfway through. The doctor then told him that he had the virus. Rita, his wife had a much higher fever and she also had way more symptoms.

Joe Keery’s Twitter has been Hacked

Joe Keery’s Twitter account has also been hacked. The page was filled with some very racist comments. His hacker said that he had been molested on the show. His account was soon deactivated and the account was locked. Twitter have stated that they are going to try and get to the bottom of the issue and they are also working closely with the account holder to see if it is possible to restore the account.

Andi MacDowell

Andi MacDowell and her daughters have also been seen sneaking out of a park. The park was closed as the result of the pandemic and they have also been spotted breaking the rules in other parts of LA too. Of course, there are so many reports out there that state which rules need to be followed but at the end of the day, it is very difficult to know which ones are the right ones to be followed. This differs from state to state but in LA, the parks have been closed down and therefore are not to be used in any circumstances. Only time will tell what the future holds but right now it looks like more needs to be done to try and make sure that people are being monitored and to make sure that celebrities do not think that they are above the law.