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News |  07 May 2020 17:15 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Gustakhiyaan's music video was shoot in -4 degrees: Director Sidhaant Sachdev

MUMBAI: Director Sidhaant Sachdev who took home the trophy for Best Music Video Non-Film on 19th Indian Television Academy Award 2019 has created a magic again on his latest release “Gustakhiyaan” sang by Raghav Chaitanya and Ritrisha Sarma and written by Kaushal Kishore.

In a chat with Tolika Yeptho from Radioandmusic, the director shared the behind the scene and expressed his thoughts on “Gustakhiyaan”.

What does “Gustakhiyaan” reflect on?

I personally really loved the song, when the times music team gave it to me the reason for me to shoot this song was very clear from the beginning that I’ll have to step out of my own space to shoot this video as I usually shoot intense romantic videos but I wanted to do something very much on the lines of “Yeh Jawaani Hai Diwaani” i.e. a young love story that should connect to the youth and we’ve got a great response on the song especially from our own fraternity. More or less I love the song, the song is very beautiful and because of that the video have come up nicely. Even the actors Rohan and Vaishnavi’s chemistry have looked very good onscreen. Also, I have kept a lot of wide shots with the snow because I strongly believe that the song deserves it. 

Watch here:

What was the initial idea of the story line of the music video?

The initial idea of the story line was given by the creative producer Ms. Sugandha Mishra, she thought that there is a girl working as a travel advisor around and how she finds love with this one person who has come to travel the country. Then I tweaked the idea little bit saying that lot of girls run-away from their arrange marriages because their parents are forcing them to meet strangers and that’s when this girl decides to run away and continue her job somewhere abroad as a travel advisor and even her family is also unaware about the fact that where the girl is, and she ran away before meeting the guy but the boy had already seen the girl and might have been following her in the past (not shown in the video) and the boy says that the girl is right as everyone should marry for love not because her parents are telling to, so he make sure that he goes after the girl and makes her fall in love with him, he does all the sweet thing to familiarize him with the girl and eventually the girl falls in love with him. And then he tells her I was the guy you were supposed to meet for the marriage and in the end sequence the girl put backs the boy’s sehra back on his head giving her consent that she will marry him, showing that love is above everything, and also small moments of holding each other’s hands and other sweet little moments are termed as Gustalhiyaan which makes your love even more stronger.

What are your goals as a music director at the moment? 

As of now I don’t have any specific goal as a music video director, my goal is to make films, I’ve made more and more web series. As a music video director I want to explore more stories, I love making music videos because you get to tell a nice story within 3-4 minutes, also I’ve always done a video which had a story in it out of my 17 music videos I haven’t done any of them without a story. To sum up I look up to explore more and more stories and how to bring the younger audience in to it with the stories that touches your heart and are relatable.

What is the best thing that happened during the shoot of music video “Gustakhiyaan”?

We were shooting it in -4 degrees, due to lot of fog we were unable to shoot anything but we turned that around using the fog for our benefit which is also shown in the music video too. Everybody in the unit was freezing but nobody gave up especially the D.O.P. and the lighting unit as picking up the equipment in -4 degrees was next to impossible, and kudos to the actors who were in their costumes. The most memorable part was how everyone came to together to pull out those shots and make video.

During this lockdown what is the new productive activities that you’re engross with?

During the lockdown there is no activities as such, I am just trying to be a fitter me adapting healthy living, learning how to cook food and moreover I am working on writing things that can be made without  the help of big units and equipment which can be pretty close to work from home kind of thing.

Message to audience

Just fall in love with old school romance, if anyone of you has to go for an arrange marriage ahead in life please make sure you know the guy or the girl first and there should be some sought of connection before taking that plunge. And keep listening and keep doing Gustakhiyaan in love.