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News |  07 May 2020 10:43 |  By RnMTeam

Everything You Need To Know To Start Your Radio Station

Do you believe that you have good taste in music? Have you always wanted to share your love for music with others? If it’s a yes, then presenting a show at the radio station or starting your radio station is something you must take seriously. Well, we know it is always easier said than done. Choosing a career as an RJ (Radio Jockey) may seem like a dream which is too good to be true; but it is not impossible. Everything you require to be a radio presenter is a laptop, specific equipment and, of course, an excellent taste and knowledge of music. Or, if you already have decided to be an RJ, but are confused about where to start with, this article has everything you need to know to start your own radio station.

Get The Right Equipment

The traditional radio studios are jammed with various top-notch equipment, which are used by professional RJs, such as microphones and mixing desks. However, if you are naive, you do not need a plethora of equipment. A laptop/computer, a good internet connection, and a mike may can do the work for you initially. Just make sure your PC is workable, following the speed of shows while broadcasting.
If you want more professionalism, there are a couple of equipment you must have, such as a good quality microphone, since the sound quality of a laptop and a professional microphone can be easily recognized by the listeners. Buy headphones to carefully listening to the broadcasting audio. Lastly, you would require an audio console/soundboard, which is used for controlling and monitoring the audio.

Get a Unique Concept

The concept is the key to stand out from the rest. Since the industry is filled with numerous radio stations already, and an addition, does not really make a difference to the audience, until it is unique and interesting. There are various types of the station, some broadcast music and others incorporate news, and talk shows, while some present everything. You must decide what type to opt for, but it must match your abilities and passion.

Give your Radio Station a Brand

When you have a clear concept and idea, what your show would be about, start working on its branding. The branding will represent the identity of your show. It is branding that will familiarize your audience to the show and you as an RJ.In the early 1930s, the main purpose of radio was solely a news source, but now it has gradually developed itself in the spheres of cricket commentary, casino free spin give-aways, entertainment shows, music, and advertising and today is an integral part of our lives. You can use the “concept of the show” to make its identity and design its logo. It is also recommended that you have a website of the radio station, which clearly shows the idea behind it and boasts about its uniqueness from the rest in the crowd.

Find Stream Hosting and Software

Stream hosting and software will allow you to spread the identity of the station to the audience by streaming the show online. There are several options and websites out there to help the beginners. Many sites will offer to assist you in the process of setting up, broadcasting, and promoting the radio station to maximize its reach to its potential audience. Additionally, you would require a software (which mostly is included in stream hosting) where you can play music, background, commercials, background music, jingles and more.