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News |  01 May 2020 19:13 |  By Namrata Kale

COVID-19 special: RJs on dealing with lockdown

While the entire planet is dealing with the lockdown we have our very own RJs that are entertaining and educating the masses. Radio Stations and RJs are bringing out creative concepts for people to deal with the COVID-19 lockdown. Amid all of this spoke to a few jocks on how are they dealing with the lockdown and truly they had impressive content on that. While they learn how to entertain masses let us see what entertains them.

Check below quotes of RJs.

RJ Nitin (Delhi)- BIG FM

Along with applauding BIG FM’s promptness towards being one of the first media networks to implement a work-from-policy, I must say that the announcement saw me filled with joy. But little did I know that practicing social-distancing by working from home would soon turn into a ‘work for home’ situation for me. I’ve been assigned to do the dishes at home. This needs to end at the very earliest. Please call us back to office!

Jokes aside, I’ve been making sure I keep my followers updated, both on-air and on social media, with only verified information so that they can stay safe. This period is a golden opportunity for each one us to upskill our hobbies and focus more on ourselves and spend time with our loved ones. I personally love cooking and I make sure to indulge myself in the activity while being at home. I also request everyone to stay home, stay sanitized, and stay safe. This critical moment calls for us to strictly adhere to the guidelines and directives issued by the government and health officials in order to overcome this global pandemic. At the end of the day, what we must remember is that we’re in this together.

RJ Abhilash (Mumbai) BIG FM

This quarantine is making me work longer and harder than before. Earlier, I would excuse myself from meetings by quoting ‘shoot hai yaar’ or ‘aaj toh bahut busy hun’. But now, you can’t get away by taking such short cuts as the management knows it all.  

On a serious note, this lockdown has given most of us the privilege to stay at home. And while we might complain about not being able to go out, our struggles are mostly first-world issues at the end of the day, like how to maintain a healthy lifestyle or while away one’s time. Such mundane issues are pale in comparison to the real-life struggles faced by most of our daily wage earners who have lost their livelihood and migrant laborers who have no place to stay. These are the issues that are showcased on my radio show so that listeners across the country can do their bit as responsible citizens and help them. It is my appeal to my listeners to be considerate and kind during this difficult period. We can take a step in the right direction by not deducting the salaries of our house help and helping those who are in our circle of influence. I am sure we will overcome this struggle as well. Better days are yet to come. Like they say, Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost!!!

RJ Urmin (Mumbai)- Fever FM

Ok so the one thing I’ve realized while I’m at home is that 'yahaan kaam bilkul nahi rukhta' !

We have a show and a fixed time between 2 to 5 pm on the radio but housework is non stop!

So even while I send my show from home, I’m continuously working from cooking, washing dishes, Cleaning the house, clothes! And hoping that no milk spills or glass breaks.

What I’ve started doing is learning to make 'rotis'. Still haven’t mastered making them round but a big bowl helps me get that shape as of now, so there’s a lot of work in progress :)

RJ Devangana- Saregama Carvaan

I have never experienced anything like this, I am a travel freak and for me staying at home is a difficult task. When the news of lockdown came team decided to keep my show on hold because it's a live housie game and can't be pre-recorded. So I decided to come live on my Instagram handle live where every day we have a celebrity doing some different activity for us. Eg. Dabboo Ratnani giving tips on how to click the best selfie. We are having great live conversation with the entertainers of the industry past few days we had Shefali Jariwala, Dabboo Ratnani, Celina Jaitley, Jigyasa Singh, Gaurav Wadhwa, Sidhartha Slathia, and many more. Apart from that, I am enjoying my sleep, household work for the first-ever time, and yes in addition finally I have started again my Tarot card session which I use to miss because of lack of time. I request everyone to stay at home and learn a new thing as after lockdown u can definitely be a better version of urself.

RJ Shruthi (Bangalore)- BIG FM

In this current situation, I think we have to also take care of the needy around us. I’ve started the #hungerwarriors initiative on my morning show and now there are thousands of people being fed in the city through efforts of the local administration. There is a silver lining to every situation. Such is the effect of the lockdown on me is that I’ve become humbler. While all of us used to crib about the ‘9-5’ working hours, we now realize how important to have a routine. It’s also made me much more grateful than I was earlier. As a Radio Jockey, I would earlier do a live show from 7 - 11 every morning and post that I would work and prepare myself for the next day. My routine has completely changed after the lockdown and it seems like I am working 24/7. I am keeping myself updated with all the latest information every minute while I am busy making notes at night before going live in the morning.

The lockdown has also given me the opportunity to pursue things that I’ve always loved. Since I enjoy painting, I have converted one of my rooms into a painting room where I draw abstract paintings. I am also watching a lot of Korean drama and I am learning this language through apps. I have prepared a bucket list too of the things that I want to do after the lockdown is over.

RJ Balaji(Chennai)- BIG FM

As an influential personality, it is important to be well informed about the situation to be making any comments on the same on-air. To get an insight into the pandemic, I started watching a lot of documentaries on the topic. Given the quarantine situation, I am also engaging listeners daily and giving them fun ideas to pass their time and avoid getting bored at home. This includes playing games around movies, songs along with sharing tips on one’s hobbies.

On the personal front, I’ve indulged myself in reading historic Tamil novels and have made sure to watch at least one movie per day.

RJ Sangram –(Pune) BIG FM

Our radio shows are being broadcast seamlessly from home. I'm practically live on social media throughout the day talking and engaging with various experts via phone, answering people's queries, and dispelling rumors and fake news. I’ve also been making short-form videos for my followers to be aware of their surroundings and stay safe. On the personal front, I have dusted my Tabla after 18 long years and am now practicing every day. This made me wonder why didn't I do this before!? I also have a couple of responsibilities when it comes to performing the chores at home like doing the dishes and cleaning the house. While I am enjoying these tasks, I am sincerely hoping that these newly-developed habits last even after the lockdown is over.