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News |  30 Apr 2020 16:34 |  By Namrata Kale

COVID-19 special: 'Mumbai Ki Rani' Malishka inspires millions with her conscious efforts

MUMBAI: Over the years, Radio has played a major role in being a great mode of information sharing and a way of communicating largely to the masses. We being in the 21 century, have seen the rise of technology. But radio is one of the oldest mediums that has stayed true to its roots and still holds a prestigious medium. Especially during these crisis where the planet has gone under lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, RJs are doing their best, working effectively from home providing entertainment, and educating masses to the fullest. 

Amongst these, we have our very own ‘Mumbai Ki Rani’ Malishka who is setting a great example for all of us. Her constant efforts of helping the society in these crucial times not only marks herself as a remarkable jock but also a responsible conscious citizen of the country.

While her current social media posts clearly indicate that she is making the best use of her powers, she also explains how she started her bit of helping people out, “I figured out that lockdown needs entertainment but at the same time information too. I started off with Instagram live videos after which I planned on informing the audience about some primary information that they should know about (e.g. testing kits been made, where will you get ration from), I thought about the power of my voice including social media and what impact it can make. I tried connecting to the right people to help those in need. Amongst these, there were listeners  too who got in touch with me for help.”

 “At this point, you truly feel the power of radio. I am happy to be a mediator and help those in need,” added the Mumbai Ki Rani.

She mentioned that a lot of people are getting in touch with her and she is trying her best to help them out through the medium.

Malishka has a message for her audience in which she says, “Mind your mental health, don’t give into rumors and the other thing is while you are at home try figuring out a way on how you can help others without getting out. When we need to become conscious individuals.”

In order to help people stranded and raise awareness, RED FM along with Malishka has too rolled out initiatives ‘Think About It’ and ‘Let’s Talk’ which draws attention to topics related to migrant laborers, mother nature, and once this lockdown is over how are we going to take care of it, minding mental health and much more.

Check out video link of the above mentioned shows here:

Check below Malishka’s posts on Twitter that will surely inspire you.