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News |  28 Apr 2020 15:31 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Lisa Mishra's first solo 'Nai Chaida' relates to her personal life

MUMBAI: Lisa Mishra, an Indo-American multilingual singer-songwriter from Chicago, has a great start in her career by releasing her first solo track “Nai Chaida”, written by Kunaal Vermaa.

“I had the freedom to sing the way I want, not worried about someone else” she exclaimed when expressing her thoughts on her first single. “It’s a completely different process, and working solo means the stakes are much higher because you are responsible for your own mistakes as well as the success depends on your singing. We have to give the best vocals that we could, the focus is definitely the vocal”.

Watch here:

Sharing the initial idea of the song, “We wanted to make this song very personal and the lyrics contextualize a long-distance relationship. It conveys the theme of separation and miscommunication that comes when being in a relationship”.

The singer is famously known for singing the reprised version of “Tareefan” from the Bollywood movie “Veere Di Wedding” (2018).

“From the beginning till the end the entire process was so thorough and collaborative” said Lisa talking about working with VYRL. She also said that, VYRAL has always being focus and made sure that the artist vision is included. The production group and video, from the beginning they sort of went with her as the leader in deciding what she wanted for this song so this process was fundamentally different, “I had so much freedom to decide and make choices”

Expressing her top goal as a musician, “I wanna put out an album, that tells the story from beginning to end about some phase about my life. It’s difficult to do that in India now because we are so used to singles now but there was an era when people listened to albums and I hope it comes back. Especially right now the market for independent musician is open and I think this is the best time pushing India in the direction of listening to albums again”

Further Lisa hopes the people enjoy the song as it’s the most personal song that she have ever worked for, this is so directly related to her life that she hope they treat it with fragility that it deserves. “I can’t wait to see what they think” she adds.

While our lives have been recently stripped to the minimum by a virus the singer is quarantined in her grandpa’s house, spending extended time with him. “Learning how a lot more recording in vocal production, it’s something I have done many years ago and lost touch with”