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News |  27 Apr 2020 18:19 |  By Namrata Kale

Aditya Narayan: 2020 marks me completing 25 years in film, TV and music industry

MUMBAI:  Actor, musician and Host Aditya Narayan who has aced all these roles brilliantly revealed interesting insights in a live interview with Namrata Kale from

Narayan said, “This 2020 marks me completing 25 years in the film, TV, and music industry. A lot of people ask me that when my music career is doing fantastic why do I choose to do TV. Earlier when I had started producing my singles too I realized that it takes off a lot of budget and we did not have that. That was the time when my TV career started doing really well. So as you see I have no label backing me and whatever financial gain I attain from TV I use it for my songs.”

Currently, he has also released a song Main Dooba Rahoon which is composed by his ex-bandmate Ankit Shah. The track happens to be shot beautifully with locations that will make you want to plan a vacation, moreover, it’s a visual treat especially for a beach lover.

“Main Dooba Rahoon is a six-year-old song. When we used to work on this track I used to always imagine a beach,” added Narayan who revealed that he is a ‘nature person’.

“This year I have two more music videos coming up which would sum up my album called called Saasein. It will be releasing on 6 August,” he added.

In a further about Indie music being the trend now Narayan shared his thoughts, “We are a generation grown up watching MTV, Channel V. In the 90s Indie pop was a big thing and I have grown up listening to these fabulous artists. I am happy that the Indie music scene is back. It started with Punjabi artists, rappers and now we have more bands and solo artists coming out. Times have changed, music videos have now shifted their existence from just TV to digital.”

Concluding the chat he gave a message to the masses dealing with the lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic. “Please understand the gravity of the situation. It’s not a joke, please take it seriously. Think about your loved ones and take care of yourself. While hats off to all the frontline workers which include our doctors, workers, nurses, even my building security who take care of our safety."

While he also quipped that once the quarantine period is over he would ‘de-quarantine’ himself for a couple of days.

Check Aditya Narayan’s new song Main Dooba Rahoon-