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News |  22 Apr 2020 14:02 |  By RnMTeam

Billie Eilish reveals hip-hop music played a huge role

MUMBAI: Billie Eilish has won the hearts of many people across the globe with her talents as a musicians of the current generation. This is because her music not only belongs to one genre but has a touch from a number of different types of music. Billie Eilish has been open about her inspirations and how she ended up making music as she does. Billie Eilish says that hip-hop music has played a huge role in influencing her music taste. She once revealed to a media portal that Drake’s Hotline Bling and Weezy’s, The Motto are her “favourite song ever”.

Billie Eilish has been open about how she got attracted to the genre and it certainly is not surprising. While speaking to an entertainment house, Billie revealed that Donald Glover’s rap alter-ego, Childish Gambino, acted as her point-of-entry to a culture that she’s been impressed with since she was a child. She revealed that his one album, Camp, had a huge influence on her. She recalls sitting on the corner of her bed and enjoying the famous track, Heartbeat. She said, “I just felt like I had been completely missing a world… I really was like, Oh, shit. This is what I’ve been missing. This is what I like.” Billie Eilish has also spoken about how other rappers have influenced her over the years.

The “Ocean Eyes” singer also mentioned that she listens to a lot of rap music and follows a set of rappers like Tyler, Earl Sweatshirt, Odd Future and Brockhampton. Recently, she also shared a number of inspiration playlists on her Instagram stories. The playlists were made according to her tracks and the songs used as an inspiration for the same.