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News |  20 Apr 2020 17:44 |  By RnMTeam

DIVINE and Gully Gang urge for the need for human emotional connections through new release "Nahi Pata" on mass appeal India

MUMBAI: India’s premier hip-hop star DIVINE, born Vivian Fernandes, and a central figure in the ‘gully rap’ movement, who launched his critically acclaimed debut album Kohinoor late last year on Mass Appeal India, is gearing up for a brand-new release on Gully Gang and Indian imprint of Nas’ iconic label, Mass Appeal India that releases today. The single titled ‘Nahi Pata,’ is a concerted effort by Gully Gang associates Shah Rule, Frenzzy and Sammohit.

A Hindi – Punjabi single with its’ raw hip-hop cushioning, Nahi Pata is part of an upcoming collaborative EP – Mass Appeal and Gully Gang: Curfew. “Nahi Pata,” originally written and composed by the Gully Gang signees in December last year. Highlighting an age that has lost its’ humane sheen, with a helpless generation that has lost its’ willpower to make definite choices for future generations, the single emphasizes on a world connected more than ever, wherein, humanity is more divided than ever.

The riveting track with socio-economic themes layered in its’ core shuffles between subjects like hunger, injustice, poverty and social bias.  With progressive lyrics speaking of mundane existential angst which, in this pandemic outbreak, escalates to a growing concern: the track highlights the current generations long standing disconnect with core human values given their corporately curated human connection. It’s hard to escape the candid forthrightness in the track that nudges listeners to rethink their choices as seen in the lyrics - ‘the modern man of today has become so cruel, head’s so full of themselves, it’s no wonder they’re fools, busy showing off, but from the inside they’re hollow’ and ‘just a bunch of fakers, don’t know what action to take up, will anything change or will it all just be the same?’

The music video aptly supports the narrative showcasing the fast-paced cosmopolitan lifestyle of Mumbai and how individual are so indifferent towards one another owing to the rat race. The video also showcases the dark side of the city’s underbelly where biases and poverty meet at a crossroads and urges listeners to embrace a more emphatical approach towards the lesser privileged.

DIVINE states, “Sammohit, Shahrule & Frenzzy wrote and composed the track with Xplicit initially and I related with what they were trying to communicate! Hence, I decided to contribute to it as we all need to work towards making a healthy choice on important issues in a world where too often we all act like performers desperate for applause which is the standout philosophical idea. They are some of the best lyrical writers in the new wave of homegrown hip-hop and there is a lot that is coming up from them & Gully Gang this year.’’

Shah Rule states, “As artists we have a moral responsibility to speak out and spread awareness of our wrong doings as a society. We are facing a true wakeup call currently from mother nature and it is time to take the action and reflect on our doings and undo the wrongs.”

Sammohit states, “We came up with this track during the a recently held Gully Gang songwriting camp where we all jammed together and we came up with the hook and verses.  It’s our collective effort as representatives of the hip-hop community to emphasize and spread the message of peaceful and happy co-existence within the human race.

Frenzzy states,” Isn’t it an opportune time to start questioning how petty minded the human race can get sometimes? We need to break societal barriers and hierarchies. We need to come together as one race and promote positivity, equality and fight the odds together rather than look out only for ourselves.”

Devraj Sanyal, MD & CEO of UMG, India & South Asia, “At Mass Appeal India, we’re super stoked to be partnering with Gully Gang on ‘Nahi Pata.’ This is a song with a cause and Frenzzy & Sammohit from Aavrutti and Shah Rule have made a true record while DIVINE adds some extra heart. They’ve made it a song that belongs to the now, fits right in with the prevalent mindset and I hope our fans give this song the respect and love it needs.”

Chaitanya Kataria, Co-Founder & Business Head, Gully Gang Entertainment states, “Nahi Pata is one of the finest pieces of storytelling that has come out from Gully Gang till date. It is encouraging that Sharule, Frenzzy, Sammohit supported by DIVINE are questioning the collective conscious of the world around us and calling it as they see it. Even in the current climate, we are excited by all the music and storytelling that is on its’ way from Gully Gang over the next few months!