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News |  16 Apr 2020 11:10 |  By RnMTeam

Bass ace Gaurav Balani's new EP is about rising above chaos

MUMBAI: Gaurav Balani is widely known as the man who collaborates as bassist with artists including the band Parikrama, Shubha Mudgal and Aditi Singh Sharma. His project Inalab has now released an EP that has songs based on various issues.

"The EP is called 'The Commons'. We didn't plan on releasing it during the lockdown period but unfortunately, we lost (late Parikrama lead guitarist) Sonam Sherpa a day before the EP announcement. So, we postponed the date by two months," Gaurav told IANS. Sherpa passed away in February.

"The lockdown was announced much after that and we couldn't change the date further because the music had already been submitted to the streaming platforms," the ace guitarist added.

The main theme behind the EP is rising above the chaos around us and finding the peace within.

"The songs are based on various issues that have moved us over the years. 'The Commons' (instrumental) is about the plight of the less privileged people in our society and no matter which political party comes to power, they remain exactly the same," said Gaurav.

"Tilikum" is about a killer whale that was kept captive at Seaworld, Florida and ended up killing its only 'friend' -- trainer Dawn Brancheau -- due to psychosis.

"Bonzo" (reprise) is about a dog that was subjected to physical abuse by the gardeners at a public park for 'spoiling their plants'.

"The last song, 'Unstoppable' is the most sugar pop song we've ever written and that's got the msg of happiness within ourselves despite the chaos that exists around us," he said.

(Source: IANS)