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News |  08 Apr 2020 13:11 |  By RnMTeam

Independent artists are the future of Indian music industry: RJ Roshan of Fever FM

MUMBAI: Although most Indian audience is inclined towards listening to mainstream Bollywood music, independent artists in India are finally being given the recognition that they deserve. From talent hunt shows to social media, these artists are paving their pathway into the hearts of the audience. While many successful singers and composers play an integral part in introducing fresh talent to the masses, Fever FM’s RJ Roshan is doing his bit to shed some light on independent artists.

With his show Spotlight, the chirpy RJ aims to introduce fresh talent to the public and give them the platform they deserve. His radio show, Sunday Spotlight on Fever 104 FM entitled him to share the mic with unique talents from across Mumbai. But since the lockdown due to the virus outbreak makes it next to impossible to invite guests to the studio. Hence, the RJ decided to take it to social media to keep introducing fresh talent to the public.

Roshan recently invited guitarist and singer Zaman Khan to his Instagram live show and put together a super entertaining live singing session. As part of the session, he discussed the current situation of independent artists in India. Impressed by Zaman’s skills, he said: “Independent artists create music that’s original and straight from the heart”. Adding to Roshan’s statement, Zaman said, “People don't have the power or courage to take a risk with creativity. That's why they make remixes. Let musicians keep recreating and remixing old music. One day people will get fed up and start listening to original independent music.”

The RJ also said, “Independent artists are the future of the Indian music industry, and they need to be recognized and given the right platform to showcase their talent. I’m doing my bit to keep these artists going and doing what they’re doing. I think more established singers should come out in support of these young talents, and help introduce them to the world. Because these independent artists have something real which can’t be replicated”