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News |  01 Apr 2020 16:02 |  By RnMTeam

Bollywood Music Composer Meghdeep Bose talks about the trend of remaking songs

MUMBAI: Meghdeep Bose, a Bollywood music composer, producer, and arranger who is known for his contributions to great hits like Dus Bahane 2.0, Slow Motion, Swag Se Swagat, Main Hoon Hero Tera, Bol Do Na Zara and many more. Bollywood has been criticized over time for creating remakes of old retro Hindi numbers or even some international songs. As many experts and industry specialists say that remakes are not ideal, many of them also support the idea of it.

Remakes of older songs give the new venture or film in case of Bollywood, a chance to get the audience to relate to them more. The audience is familiar with the tune and thus stops by to listen to more of it which turns out to be really beneficial from the artist or producer’s point of view since their art is being given a listening ear now. Besides this a lot of songs don’t reach out to a wider audience in which case, a remake allows the tune to reach out to many more people than it originally did, which in many ways benefits the original composer of the song as well. A larger audience now gets to hear the track which is redefined to match their tastes or contemporary trends for that matter. A lot of times movies bring back old songs to the newer generations and present to them tunes that they may have never had the opportunity of listening to.

However, in this process, the original creator of the tune or music should always be given the rightful accreditation. In spite of it being a remake, it should still have a new rendition to ensure that it is purposeful to make a remake of the song or else it just as good as a copied number.

“Remakes aren't bad at all provided they have an original vision. I have produced remakes of songs like "Tumhe Apna Banane ka" & "Suno Gaur Se" and I've made sure to give them an original sound.” said Meghdeep. He went on to add that, “Remakes need to be done right musically, the song’s soul shouldn't be disturbed.”

Meghdeep is currently working on some exciting projects in the UK and he is also currently working on the music for the film "Saniya" composed by Amal Mallik & Directed by Amol Gupte.
He has also collaborated with Sneha Khanwalkar in her upcoming film.

He has also collaborated with Mikey McCleary on the score of Netflix Original "Maska" & the second season of "Four More Shots Please"