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News |  13 Feb 2020 13:37 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Adnan Sami is a complete institution himself: Kunaal Verma

MUMBAI: Kunaal Verma who is prominently known as a singer and songwriter has written and composed for another hit Tu Yaad Aaaya, a single that Verma is quite proud of.

Watch here:

When asked about the inspiration behind the song he said, "It is one of my oldest compositions. When I was working in Jaipur and on my way home I used to hum a few words and that is how I coordinated the tune. After working with a lot of professional people and movies, my confidence build-up and that's when I decided to write down the old words and rhythm. It brought back different flashbacks in life, the life I lived and the people who supported me. Both the bad and the good and sometimes you miss out some very important people too”

“I made Bhushan Kumar listen to it and he loved it, soon after that, he called me asked to meet Adnan Sami. I was at a stage of amazement when he said he wanted to sing my composition, as he himself was a brilliant composer. Adnan Sami is a complete institution himself, he had the rhythm in his body that his body language speaks everything of what he wants and not, “ Kunaal adds.

He exclaimed, “It took me around three days with the help of my assistant and some few people to complete the entire song. Slowly during recordings, I realized that the project has gotten bigger as there were around 60-80 musicians playing live music. It was a proud moment for me."

In talks of his upcoming projects, Kunal is working in a lot of projects lately including his singles.

Lastly, Kunal added, "I have worked with a lot of singers and in movies, and though I have already worked with Arijit Singh in movies I would definitely love to personally collaborate a single with him in future”.