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News |  11 Dec 2019 12:22 |  By RnMTeam

Production work same as taking selfie: Pharrell Williams

MUMBAI: Singer Pharrell Williams has compared his production work to taking a selfie.
In an interview to Vulture, the "Happy" hitmaker said that his production work is the same process as guiding someone through a selfie, reports
"The trust really isn't in me as much as it's in their willingness to see themselves differently. For example, take selfies. They're 99.99 percent shot from the same angle. That tells you so much about the delusion that we have. We think we take different selfies because we're wearing different outfits in different environments, but it's, in fact, the same exact angle," he said.
"That tells us that we found a particular angle that we like, and because we show that to ourselves every day, we think that's how people see us," added the singer, who has worked with Ed Sheeran, Robin Thicke and Daft Punk.
The 46-year-old star explained how he wants to teach artists.
"My job is not so much to get you to trust me. It's to get you to be open to the idea that there's a whole other side to your face that you never use because somewhere in your life you convinced yourself that that wasn't the better side," he said.
(Source: IANS)