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News |  22 Nov 2019 12:49 |  By RnMTeam

Katy Perry: A lot of artists are build on awkward validation

MUMBAI: In a candid conversation with Sana Kool on Radio Mirchi, Katy Perry was quizzed with an interesting question.

Sana Kool asked her what would she tell her 13 year old self.

On this the Roar fame replied, “I would tell my 13 year old that she is good enough and it’s not about how good you do something you are enough, you are loved.”

“Try not to find out a lot of awkward validation because a lot of artists are build on awkward validation and it’s not a real foundation to build up your life on. I have struggled with that so it’s a journey of compassion for yourself and self confidence in a way,” added Katy.

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In a further conversation, Sana asked Katy who not only believes in climate change but also lives it spoke about the care towards mother earth and how she takes an initiative to put forward a helping hand for it.

“There are a lot of people who take care of earth better than I can but small things like having a no plastic year. I am not a vegan but I want to do things which are sustainable and will help the upcoming generation,” said Katy.

Recently Katy was spotted at Karan Johar’s party where she also met Jacqueline Fernandez. Moreover her One Plus Music event which was held in Mumbai on 16 November, DY Patil Stadium turned out to be a treat for the eyes and her melodious voice was a bliss to our ears.