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News |  31 Aug 2019 22:00 |  By Minal Metkari

I love Indian culture, says singer Green Tea Peng on debut visit

MUMBAI: London based singer Green Tea Peng, who recently performed at The Breezer Vivid Shuffle 3, is in awe with India.

“I have been waiting to visit India since a very long-time, but was waiting for the right time, exclaimed Peng, who visited India for the very first time.

Excited about her debut outing, the sing shared about what she would explore in India. She said, “I am looking forward to everything, walking around, seeing people. I like the culture here, the various colours, food etc.”

On her association with the Breezer Vivid Shuffle 3, Peng exclaimed, “I was introduced to The Breezer Vivid Shuffle 3 by Ashish. The event is in its third year and seems amazing.  I love dancing and hence, I am very grateful to be a part of it.”

 “It was my first show in India. I was scared, but was equally anticipating, how people would receive my energy and music,” she exclaimed.

The singer put up a fabulous show with her high energy performance to leave on-lookers asking for more.

On being asked, if she is looking forward to any collaboration, Green Tea Peng shared, “Not now though I would really love to collaborate. I am really excited to come again to India.”

Yes, the singer informed about coming back to India to attend Magnetic Fields 2019.

My one friend, who is a DJ, had played one year at Magnetic Fields. He told me that it was the best gig, he had ever performed at. The people of India are so beautiful and kind. On coming here, I have experienced the same thing,” revealed Peng, whose name is inspired by her love for ‘green tea’.

Besides, Peng, who is smitten by India, told that she wouldn’t mind doing an EP on the country.  

The singer, who not only loves Indian music but also follows it whole-heartedly further informed, “I don’t have any favourite genre, but I just type in Hindi music in YouTube and tune into the songs. I am fascinated by the tones and pitches. You guys are at a very different frequency when compared to the West. I try to sing but cannot match your frequency.”