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News |  26 Aug 2019 14:48 |  By Minal Metkari

You have to be at the top of your 'game', says rapper Ikka

MUMBAI: “We have grown up watching songs of Eminem and Sean Paul and it’s time Indian music grows too,” says rapper Ikka, who has given singles like Shuruwat, Body Language etc and Bollywood numbers like the recreated version of Chamma Chamma, from the 2018 film, Fraud Saiyyan. He was talking to Radioandmusic about how accessing global music as well as becoming popular, today, is quite feasible due to internet.
“There is so much material for people to listen that you have to be at the top of your game of delivering music to keep them glued,” explained Ikka, who further clarified his agenda of making music.
He told, “I don’t want to create music for the heck of it and let people say ‘you would have rather not done it!’ A song should be like an explosion that should be heard far and wide and people should say that ‘something’ has happened! I want to do this ‘something’.”
Besides, on the work, the musician was last seen alongside Rishi Rich and newbie, RS Chauhan for the Sterling Music Reserve Project song, Yo Yo. The rapper has earlier collaborated with Rishi on Get Down has more songs to come.
“Yes, this is just a beginning as we have only done three songs as of now. We are working on about 50 songs, which will come back-to-back with good visuals and sound,” the desi rapper concluded.
Meanwhile, Ikka had earlier informed Radioandmusic about his upcoming single with VYRL Originals, which might release anytime soon.