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News |  27 Jul 2019 12:37 |  By RnMTeam

Not your doll anymore!

MUMBAI: We women are not just beautiful but have a strong personna. There might come people and situations in our lives, where we might be criticised, considered infere to men and lack motivation, but we won’t budge. With everyone trying to tell you that you aren’t worth anything, to an extent that they pull your entire mood down, we have the best songs coming to your rescue! Hey woman you are beautiful!!

‘Bad Girls’ by M.I.A

Mood: When told, ‘you’re a bad girl’

The lyrics are repetitive but the song rides a nice mid-tempo beat. Her lyrics stating : Leaving boys behind, cause it’s illegal to kill actually leaves every bad girl with the idea of how we do it well!

‘IDGAF’ by Dua Lipa

Mood: When told, ‘why do you have to be so cold hearted?’

This song will remind you of your own sass attitude. If you ever feel compelled to forgive a guy, remind yourself of the public service announcement asking the audience to extend their middle finger for the f**kboys after a live performance of the track. Just the title is enough to lift up all your crass.

‘Don’t Call Me Up’ by Mabel

Mood: When your annoying ex boyfriend cannot stop calling!

Instead of just you listening to this song, send it to him. He’ll know that you’re getting hotter, better, going out and having more fun than you ever had with him! (If he still doesn’t stop, block him!)

‘Ain’t Your Mama’ by Jennifer Lopez

Mood: When ordered, ‘make a sandwich for me.’

Girls, get mad! It is time the song’s lyrics should hit us. Placed on a familiar Jennifer Lopez type of beat. This song will motivate you to stop taking orders from guys, and ask them to get up and get back to doing things for themselves.

‘Sit Still Look Pretty’ by Daya

Mood: When told, ‘You’re a pretty doll. You could make a good trophy wife.’

The song that hits all the right notes and gets you addicted to it, will also put it in your mind that you’re never going to settle with being desired for just your looks, and that you’re here to capture the entire planet.

‘Woman’ by Kesha

Mood: When told, ‘you’re nothing without a guy.’

This song is an anthem for all the independent women out there, especially for the ones dealing with men who think that girls cannot survive without their existence.

‘You Don’t Own Me’ ft. G-Easy

Mood: When they tell you, ‘what to do’

This song will make you assert your authority in a relationship in the most haunting way possible. With the bass thumping, and the drums coming later, you will feel a triumphant exhale once you listen to the entire song.

‘Can’t Be Tamed‘ by Miley Cyrus

Mood: When asked to behave in a polite way because you are a girl

You are a ten even when you are wild! This song just reminds a girl of her power while being untamed at the same time. It will remind you that you are complete in your own self and your own ways, and you could do with a guy only if he understands this simple fact.

‘Look What You Made Me Do’ by Taylor Swift

Mood: When you know it’s ‘revenge’ time!

The only thing you need to hear when you are all set to take your revenge, is this song! Make him recollect everything wrong he’s done to you, everything you didn’t like, and show him what he made you do!

These songs will remind you of your own worth every single second. Definitely the kind of songs that should be playing on loop, these songs will never lose their impact even several years later. So, tune into them and show that bitch attitude to everyone, who has let you down!!