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News |  07 Jun 2019 16:03 |  By RnMTeam

Vin Nair recalls stay in India

MUMBAI: UAE based Indian singer Vin Nair, who recently released the rock song, Nation 2.0 to celebrate PM Narendra Modi’s win, recalls his stay in India.

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Vin shares that while spending a large duration of his life in India, he saw many challenges on ground for common people. “The level of corruption, the repeated terrorist attacks, rapes, driverless cars (if you get my drift) and the unapologetic pseudo-secularism, which seemed to take center stage.”

 Vin also emphasizes on the fact that during the last five years, India has seen no terrorist attack on civilians, corruption has been at the lowest ebb and the prime minister’s pride for the army makes him happier, as he is the son of a fauji.

Indians, who stay abroad and actively voice their opinions on the current affairs in India, are trolled on social media. But Vin finds it stupid.

“In today's age of social media, you're never really tuned out unless you choose to be. I find it absolutely stupid when people say 'oh, you don't live in India, what do you know?’ That would have worked in 1997 but not now,” he explains.

As an Indian, he finds a way to express his thoughts and calls music his medium of expression.

 “You can choose to moan and complain about things that happen in India or you can choose to make a difference in some form. I believe our music helps people to have hope and believe in our great country,” he concludes.