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News |  27 May 2019 16:13 |  By Namrata Kale

Is lyricist Sameer responsible for Hard Kaur's misery?

MUMBAI: #MeToo is still the talk of the town but we have a new hashtag trending and that’s #NoShame. The recent hashtag was heavily used by singer-rapper Hard Kaur’s fans on social after she claimed to have not only sung but also written 2014 song Char Baj Gaye.

The first question that instantly pops into one’s head is, why now? Well, the answer to this question is the last episode of The Kapil Sharma Show. The popular comedy show, that hosts famous personalities from various walks of life had Sameer and Kumar Sanu as their special guest last night. This is when Sameer openly admitted to having written the famous party song Char Baj Gaye. His national TV revelation -- ‘BIG LIE’ in Kaur’s words -- left her flabbergasted.  

Having found it difficult to express her emotions, the Kattey singer took to social to reveal her side of the story with #NoShame.

Check Hard Kaur’s video here:

To get a clearer picture on this 2014 story exposure in 2019, we spoke to the tough woman, Hard Kaur. “I have written the song. Sameer had called me to the studio; they made me do two songs for the movie F.A.L.T.U.”

She added, “I had written Char Baj Gaye in three different ways. When I first wrote the song and showed it to Sameer, he did not like the lyrics but later used it.”

Kaur also admitted to having not received a payment for the songs she sang and wrote for F.A.L.T.U.  “He has done this to a lot of people, taking their credits and making his own. They did not even call me for the song launch and nobody said anything back then.”

“Aashiqi ke saare gaane usne uthaye hue hai,” revealed Kaur.

The Move Your Body singer’s fans are supporting her full heartedly. “He (Sameer) did not even apologize about this. My fans are messaging him and he is telling them that 'I am not being honest," the rapper added.

"I have not been given my royalties. Sameer is proudly telling this lie, how people do something like this,” said a heartbroken Hard Kaur.

We reached out to Sameer and he said, “It’s not true,” and refused to comment further.