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News |  24 May 2019 15:06 |  By RnMTeam

My ex-lover has been my biggest motivation: Chrms, Electronic Producer

MUMBAI: Chrms (pronounced ‘Charms’) is the alias of young electronica producer Veer Kowli. Based in Mumbai, he is inspired by the likes of Flume, Mura Masa, Odesza and Carmack.

Having been experimenting with design, film, and music, since he was nine, Chrms aspires to create fresh sounds, merging indie dream-pop and all kinds of electronic music.

To know the electronic producer a little more in-depth, we spoke to him about his journey.

“When I heard Flume (Australian record producer) for the first time, back in 2014, I was triggered to become an electronic producer. My journey till now has been fantastic and full of ups and downs. Persistence and patience, along with faith in your art, will help you get out of the toughest situations,” elaborated Chrms on his journey.

Without restricting himself to any particular genre, his sounds vary from being super lush, chill and ethereal, to bass heavy.  He feels that it’s necessary to express yourself and revealed that his ex-lover Preeti has been his biggest motivation. “She was there to support me ever since I made my first track. I'll always be grateful for her,” added Chrms.

In India, the electronic music scene is still booming. Speaking about this, Chrms said, “The electronic music scene in India is tiny, but is growing and getting more traction. People are slowly getting used to being open minded and are accepting new ideas. Given a few more years, India would be a very good place for electronic music.”

On further being asked, what needs to be changed in the electronic music scene in India, he explained, “For most of the gigs happening in clubs that allow only 21plus entry, they should have a wristband system (or something similar) where one still gets to attend for enjoying music even though he/she is below 21, but they don't get to buy drinks.”

Recently Chrms collaborated with Vh1 Listen. On his association he said, “It’s a great platform and a good place for artists like me to showcase their art on a global scale.”

 The electronic producer also gave a message to enthusiasts, who want to get into the field of music.

He urged, “At times, you would feel that you don't have that passion, take your inspiration seriously and continue creating music. Stay humble and always be grateful and most importantly, have fun.”

 Chrms would be releasing his debut record and touring to promote his EP. "I also want to work on more art, start a band (top secret) and a clothing line at some point in future,” concluded the electronic producer.