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News |  12 May 2019 11:00 |  By RnMTeam

Mother's Day Special: MY FM RJs special message for their moms

MUMBAI: We can’t express the love we have in hearts for our moms. Words will definitely fall short as this bond with our mother is incredible. Hence, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, MY FM RJs have given some heartfelt messages to their moms.

RJ Darshana Karhu - Nashik 

I am blessed to be your daughter. I used to be annoyed at times when you always wanted to have things your way, but now I realize that it was the right way. You have spent all your life looking after us, but now I want you to live life to the fullest. Go explore the world, and I am sure you will find something new. Happy Mother's Day!

RJ Meenakshi - Chandigarh 

My dear mummy, my message for you is that you have been a bad mom, you always lied that you had lunch when I took those two last chapattis away when I came from college. Mom, you are bad as you always gave me money apart from what papa gave me as pocket money, mom you are bad,  as you saved me from dads scolding by hiding things,  mom you are too bad as the world is not close to how good you are Munawwar Rana  puts it so perfectly ...?? ?? ????? ???? ????? ??? ? ???? ?? ??? ??? ???? ??? ?????? ??? ? ???? ??. Happy Mothers Day maa.

RJ Archana: Ahmedabad 

I call it the most perfect selfie as its complete only because of my mom’s presence. She is the one who has celebrated my smallest happy moment, who has heard me whenever I needed to pour it out. She is my strength, best friend, confidant, my pride, courage and best mentor. She is the producer and director of my life. There are no words created yet to praise you enough ‘mom’. I feel every day should be Mother’s Day. I love you the most.

RJ Kartik-Jaipur 

Its Mother's Day today, but I have been celebrating Mother’s Day ever since my feet have touched mother earth. I want to write about you, but my language also will fall short. I remember this one phrase of Munawwar Rana Sahib, which I want to dedicate to my mom, ‘Meri khwaish hai ki main fir se farishta ho jau Maa se is tarah lipat jau ki bachcha ho jau.”

RJ Mohit - Jaipur

 I grew up with time and even you got wrinkles on your face, but your love and affection for me still remains fresh. People say that we learn the word ‘mother’ first, but I would say that you will be the last word on my tongue. You will always be in my eyes till the end of my life. Happy Mother’s Day!

RJ Tina - Bhopal

My mother is my bae, my real soulmate with whom I share my highs and lows. She is the one who's the source of positive energy and the reason behind what I am today. She is the one, who keeps me grounded and says, ‘do what you feel like.' She not only advices me to better, but also encourages me to go out and experience good or bad rather than regretting it later for not doing it. I love you, mom.

RJ Viny- Indore 

The bond between mother and daughter can’t be replaced with anything. Being your daughter is the best thing. You are the person, who completes my life. I could not be me without you. I love you, mommy.