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News |  04 May 2019 09:00 |  By RnMTeam

IndiaÆs first interactive æmusicÆ museum

MUMBAI: Indian music is known to the world. The work to preserve the legacy is done at every level too. However, an interactive museum to preserve and showcase the heritage of music was unheard of. But, now India has got its first experiential museum for music. Modelled around a museum of Pop Culture in the USA, The Indian Music Experience gives the visitors a deep understanding of music history. The cognitive experience lets the visitor touch, hear and understand each instrument and the backstory of it.

The museum is developed by Carnatic vocalist Mansi Prasad and musicologist Pappu Venugopal and is divided into eight parts. From showcasing the instruments-rare and popular to a cozy café area to an amphitheatre-like area where events can be hosted, the IME is an experience to must have.

The idea is do more than just know about the instrument. One can play and discover various sounds. The exhibition area is open to be seen with various music-related artefacts on display.

Speaking about the spectacular museum, IME Outreach Director Suma Sudhindra says, "The Museum of Pop Culture was initially known as Experiential Music Project on which Indian Music Experience is based on. Brigade Group CMD Jaishankar visited the Experiential Music Project and thought that something like this should be done for Indian music too. This is when the idea began and soon it took shape.

“We wanted a museum of International standard for Indian music. When we say Indian music it entails everything from folk to classical to pop to Bollywood music. While the soft launch of IME is done, we are planning for a grand launch in the month of July," adds Sudhindra.

Sharing about the response received, Suma Sudhindra said, "Museums are for everyone and the response till now has been great. It is a very technology oriented museums as we have iPads, specific interactives, and every graphic has a story to tell, which can be seen on iPads. We are lucky to get some really old videos and audios to be experienced at the museum. Music is all about the experience therefore we are focusing to give a rich musical experience to the visitors."

The museum is open on six days a week and remains closed on every Monday. Keeping in mind the increase in footfall during public holidays, the museum stays open on every public holiday too. The museum charges a nominal fee starting at Rs 150 and is open from 10 am to 6 pm. A must visit the museum for those who nurture a passion for music.

While the concept of the experiential museum is new, museums related to music are not new to the map of India. The state of Karnataka itself hosts two other museums-one in Mysore named as Melody World Wax museum and second Karnataka Folk Museum in Bengaluru itself.