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News |  24 Apr 2019 15:48 |  By RnMTeam

This rock genre helps with 'Broodiness'

MUMBAI: Music is scientifically considered as a healer. While various genres and beats of music can light up different moods of human, we just learnt about the Heavy Metal genre being an aid for broodiness.

Well,we came across this theory due to the new TVF Originals series, The Insiders and actress Himika Bose, who is shown having pangs of broodiness in it.

Speaking about this unique form of method acting, Himika said, “My character Shravya is completely different from anyone on the show. I play the role of a bold and matured girl who ends up joining a group of crazy boys in their fantastic adventures as the Insider - an all-boys weekend hang-out club.

She further revealed, “My taste in music is completely different from the boys and to get a hold of it I actually watched Metallica concerts on loop before the scene where Shravya meets the boys to bring in all that broodiness into my expressions. Honestly, it worked like a charm!”

At first, The Insiders founding trio are extremely hesitant to let Shravya join the group as she not only comes across as more mature but is also very aloof and extremely fond of wearing black. Once they realize the reason for her broodiness can actually be traced back to her love for heavy metal, they’re even more worried about letting her into the group.

Well, with this Original series, TVF has indeed brought to light about broodiness – a clumsy, sad state of mind, associated with mood swings and how heavy metal can actually help to get over it.

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