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News |  05 Feb 2019 21:07 |  By RnMTeam

Shankar Mahadevan brings to light importance of teaching Indian classical music in schools

MUMBAI: Singer and music composer Shankar Mahadevan has shouted loud about the importance of teaching Indian music in schools. He also brought to notice, how western is being taught in many schools in the country.

The Breathless singer also pressed that government can play a key role in making Indian classical music popular among Indian students by promoting its teaching. Mahadevan, who was on a sacred visit to Shirdi Sai temple with family, also revealed how he and his academy has been promoting Indian classical music in about 76 countries in the world.

Besides, the singer is now on a mission to teach as well as bring to the fore musicians from poor stratas of the society. His project – Inspire India aims to make music teaching available to poor students for which, his academy, 'Shankar Mahadevan Academy' is offering free education to them.

While classical music is famous internationally, it is unfortunate that in spite of having a vast classical music reservoir, Indians are fascinated by western music. The lack of awareness and tag of being ‘boring’ associated with this genre, makes it a comparatively less likable by youngsters. But, with proper guidance, teaching and introduction of fusion music, classical music can become famous among Indian youth.

We hope Shankar’s plea reaches government and other musicians in the country and that day might come when Indians will choose our very own Indian classical music over western music genres.