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News |  12 Jan 2019 14:40 |  By RnMTeam

Bhoomi Trivedi calls 2018 - a 'lavish' year, considers 'Husn Parcham - the much needed female song

MUMBAI: Singer Bhoomi Trivedi, who ended year 2018 on a fabulous note with her blockbuster song, Husn Parcham, had a fabulous 2018, which she calls a dream come true year.

Speaking about 2018, Bhoomi exclaimed, “I would say 2018 has been a lavish year. It was quite busy and creative and ending the year with Husn Parcham was great.”

Giving a quick recap of her musical journey in 2018, she further said, “I did many live shows in the beginning of 2018. I was also thinking of releasing my own single and write some really good songs during my search for a good single, which I could release last year. But, Husn Parcham released and I had to push its release a little ahead. Besides, I also did my Navarati in Surat for 10 day and then later was a part of India’s first live music reality show for kids, Love Me India.”

On being asked about that one thing, she found musically interesting in 2018, Bhoomi mentioned, “I think people’s acceptance towards world music and fusion has increased. Besides, Armaan Malik and Salim Merchant singing together is an example of how acceptance within the industry has also increased. I could see great collaborations happening and the scenario has been very positive.”

Bhoomi was also happy that all artists are doing well. She also told about, how doing live shows with Salim-Sulaiman for three-four years now, has been a big thing for her.

Bhoomi also mentioned about that one thing, which she couldn’t do in 2018. She told, “I wanted to come up with my single, which is something, I missed. But I am really happy that Husn Parcham came in my kitty.”

Bhoomi Trivedi concluded, while bringing to everyone’s attention that a female song was missing for long and Husn Parcham made up for it in 2018. “I think people were waiting for a female singer song, which was an original number and a hit. So, having a hit, original female song, which was literally required since long, was great. This is because if we compare the ratio of male songs and female songs, the ratio is little uneven and many female singers, from the industry, want good songs to sing. So, I think Husn Parcham helped,” she told.