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News |  23 Dec 2018 10:00 |  By RnMTeam

Wonders of World Music Band - Oxygen and their revolutionary 'Terrace Jamming' concept

MUMBAI: Music is the oxygen of life and thus a music band called Oxygen is totally appropriate. Oxygen, which is the world music band, was formed in 2003. It conceptualizes Live Music and blends World genres with an array of Indian elements. Oxygen has composed more than 40 tracks ranging from Irish, Jazz, Funk, Arabic, Oriental, Latin, Synth, Rock, Symphonic, Carnatic, Hindustani, Indian Folk albums with reputed music labels like HMV, Sa Re Ga Ma and Kosmik music titled Breath of music, Dimensions, AURA and Ooh La La La.

Sharing details about the band, Girinadh says, “Currently Oxygen performs with a five member team, which comprises of me (Girinadh) - the composer and keyboard player, Ramana who plays percussions, Ananth Raman is on the electric violin, Bharath on the drums, Bumon Kashay is on the bass guitar and we have Vishnu on the flute and woodwinds. All the members are professionally trained under classical and different forms of music and have been performing for the past 16 years.”

He continues, “As a band we have always been performing originals and few cover songs. Apart from this, we have released albums and also performed on over 37 of our own compositions. So just to do something different, we wanted to try out a new set. That’s why, we have started a new set for cover songs and we call ourselves Oxygen Ensemble, where we will be collaborating with different singers. To start with, we are collaborating with Vandana Srinivasan and Satya Prakash, who are well known in Tamil industry and have sung for Rahman and other famous composers. So, we decided to do a cover version of a song from the movie Guru. We have given an entirely new adaptation, without changing the melody, but the arrangements are completely new and contemporary.”

As a band, their mission is to produce original content, as said by Girinadh, “The mission of Oxygen is to produce original content and pick different elements from different forms of music, combining both forms of music and experimenting. Basically, we aim to produce original music and take Indian music to an international platform.”

C Girinandh along with his band is planning to revive the revolutionary - Terrace Jamming, which is touted as one of the most ambitious musical initiatives. The idea of Terrace Jamming is to give musicians and other Independent artists a free platform, where they could jam, network and create something new without being judged by parameters. Terrace Jamming has seen more than 100 independent musicians, artists from theatre, painters and Martial Art experts performing in its sessions. The event was so well received by audience that it got featured in Discovery Channel.

Further speaking about the concept, Girinadh said, “Terrace Jamming is an initiative started by the band and a simple thought incorporating jamming techniques or finding new talents. We just wanted to keep a track of how many players are currently following the concept of Jamming because we formed the band only by Jamming and that’s how we create a song. So we thought, we could start this concept with this current generation of musicians and have a hub for various creative people to come, interact and express their true art form. TJ could be a stage where nobody is being judged or judgmental about their performing skills. So, it could be a platform where one jam with another professional or somebody who is a passionate musician. They just come out there and work out ideas creatively. It’s more of an interaction between various instruments or skills sets. It really did well and did around 18 sessions from 2015 to 2017.We are planning of reviving this concept again in a more regulated format. We plan to begin by early next year.”

The band has their projects lined up for next year too, “We have a lot of original singles lined up, which also include cover versions of Rahman sir’s songs and other famous composers. So, the current upcoming track is called TSO. And we have done it in a different sound format. We have gone out of our own style and tried something totally different and organic.”