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News |  31 Oct 2018 18:54 |  By RnMTeam

Argenil Band's Rohit Gandhi shares details about the two-member band

MUMBAI: Fusion is the most sought-after trend in music fraternity for the longest. Artistes of international repute have fused Indian music with international sounds, paving way for younger generation. Rohit Gandhi and Anil Prasad have taken cue from the same and created something unique-Hindustani Trap.

“My mother used play Octopad instrument and the atmosphere at home was also musical. I was introduced to Indian music very early in my life, be it Bhajans or other forms of Indian music. Then, in 12th standard, I happened to meet Anil, who used to play guitar,” says Rohit.

Continuing, Rohit says, “We decided to come together and make music we believe in. We take Indian Instruments and influences and sounds from the West.”

Rohit also explains the etymology of their band name, Argenil, “It R for Rohit spelt with AR and enil stands for Anil.”

They have worked in the EDM space, a genre that is suddenly finding a hold in India. Rohit shares his insight on the current EDM Vibe in the country, “Now, people are actually aware of the genre. It's no more like there is a gig, let's go. People are aware of the artistes and their work. We think EDM as a genre is really picking up in India.”

Argenil had the honour of working the legend of Reggae, Apache Indian, whom they also consider to be their mentor. Rohit says, “It was sheer out of luck. We happened to meet him and he randomly chose us. He is the reason, we got on the global map.”

Completely in awe of the legend, Rohit says, “He is just amazing. He works 12 hours at a stretch. There were times when we would sit on his terrace or room and discuss music. He is 51 and blasting concerts everywhere.”

Both Rohit and Anil feel looked after by Apache Indian, as Rohit shares, “He calls every two weeks and checks on us, discusses work and life.”

About future, Rohit shares, “We have bunch of amazing project lined up in next six months. Stay tuned.”