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News |  19 Sep 2018 09:00 |  By RnMTeam

My music should communicate, I want to tell stories that people will relate to: Ritwick Das

MUMBAI:  Hailing from Delhi, singer Ritwick Das wants to make a difference with his music by telling stories. He began his music journey at a very young age.

 “It’s been my mother who has always pushed and motivated me. Also music is not something has to be a commercial front. But the next would be expressing of what I always wanted to say. My music should communicate, I want to tell stories that people relate to,” says Ritwick as he revealed his motivator that led him to pursue music.

Apart from pursuing tabla for five years, Ritwick then shifted his interest and got himself trained into western and classical music.

When asked if he learnt singing professionally, Ritwick mentioned, “I did not, and that’s the beauty of it. I am professionally trained in western classical music and piano, but most of the times I would just hum the song together. But, slowly I worked learning different instruments and I think music is something that is engraved in you. If you get the heck of any instrument, it only comes to you.

On being asked, about his inspiration in music, Ritwick adds, “I love Ed Sheeran’s music and he’s been a big influence. I love the way he writes music. Also, his music is very intimate and generalized at the same time.”

In talks about challenges while he was persuading his singing career, he elaborates, “I was supposed to study business as I come from a business family. So things go here and there usually with business, the reason I couldn’t pursue my career. I was engaged in a different line all together. But I used to come from work late in the night and then I used to work on my music. Or else I would wake up early and then do my music.”

Ritwick’s debut single was Forever that had released on iTunes. The beauty about the track is that Ritwick started writing it in 2008, when he first met his wife (then girlfriend) and kept adding notes, bits and pieces to it till he finally closed it in 2015 after their wedding.

He further spoke about his next project, “I would be working on one or two singles and then after that I will be releasing an EP and an album. My second song would be all about life experiences.”