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News |  02 Aug 2018 20:08 |  By RnMTeam

Know MJ Jassi's journey to BIG FM Dilli

MUMBAI: The love for retro music in today’s generation is rare to find. The millennials are much fond of western music than Bollywood. But, MJ Jassi, who was brought up, listening to Kishore Kumar and RD Burman, kept her love for their music alive. And, after a long journey; she is finally at BIG FM Delhi, the stop for retro music.

Radio was never on Jassi’s to-do list, she revealed, “I throughout, hated, my voice and never thought about radio. I have a heavy and husky voice of which, the boys, at my school, use to make fun of. I always wanted a sweeter voice.  I never knew about the radio until I got into it.”

It’s been eight years in radio and now she loves her job to the fullest. Radio happened to her when she opted for an internship, after her degree from Delhi University.  On this, she said, “After doing an internship in advertising and radio, I understood how radio works and started liking it. My first internship was with Radio One, where I worked as a trainee for eight months. Later, I moved to Radio Mirchi, where I hosted the Mithi Mirchi show for four and a half years. After that, when Ishq FM was launched, I was with them for six months.”

Then came a time, where Jassie found things getting saturated and she started looking for a change. “I love mountaineering. I quit my job, trained, myself, in mountaineering for months, stayed there and when I planned to come back to radio, I thought of trying a new city. So, I shifted to Bengaluru, I was a night presenter with Fever FM, but then I started missing Delhi.”

Her love for the city got her back home. After working with different stations, Jassi realized what she was looking for was at BIG FM. “I have grown up listening to the retro music and working for a retro station has always been my desire. Also, I am a very philosophical person. If the song has no meaning, I would not love it. Also, I am not a very loud and hyperactive person, so this kind of music really suits me,” she told.

It’s been three months since Jassi has joined BIG FM, where she does an evening show and she plans to stay here for long. She further explains, “It is a very easy listening to the retro station as there are no jerks. Sometimes, the songs help to sort things way too much. Like, I am in the studio, thinking about some problem and the next Kishore Kumar song is just the answer to it.”

Last but not the least, we talk about her show. MJ Jassi is an evening jock, who hosts a 4 pm to 8 pm show. “The segment of the show Dilli Dil Se is full of life. We miss a lot of things in our daily life, so I try to make my audience realize those stuff. Also, there is a lot of ‘Delhi’ on my show. We travel on the radio, where I give information about specialities in Delhi, lesser known to people. Two more segments added to the show are Sunset Soch and Atrangi Sawal,” she wraps.